We have just seen Angelina Jolie headlined a variety of magazines and newspapers for her controversial movie. This is the first movie that Angelina directed and she was spotted at the scene with a black hermes handbag, after the film got the permission of Bosnia Authority. Today, Angelina Jolie and her husband, Pitt has become the focus of newspapers for their great popularity and influence which have brought $500,000 donation for the Bosnia Refugee Campaign. And this time she earned herself the honor of 'saint'.

Radomir Jovicic is the mayor of the mayor of the eastern Bosnian town of Rogatica and he lobbied everywhere for donation everywhere, but raised noting but frustration in the past few years. And he could not be happier when he was confirmed $500,000 has been donated just after the visit of this star couple. As a matter of fact, this is not the first Jolie's first visit to refugees world-wide. Actually, she is the UNHC ambassador and visited many projects under this non-profit organization which is designed to help refugees left by the Bosnia war 15 years ago. Though, there is no direct sign whether the couple has made any direct donation, they have brought much attention to this project. Angelina was wearing casuals and carrying a white coach handbag while Pit in suits. They were entertained by two refugee sisters when they visited the refugee campaign. In an interview the two sisters said we just can not believe they are the star couples when Angelina Jolie entering the room shouldering a white handbag. As you know, few celebrities and stars are willing to visit such dirty place, but Jolie and Pitt seem except. The two sisters continued that the two stars were very kind and we only found them actors after their leave.

And after the couple's leave, one member of the refugee campaigns, said he would tattooed Angelina's name on one of the arm to celebrate her kindness. Even Angelina and Pitt made no direct donation, but you just can not disconnect the association between the $500,000 donations and the couple. This time Angelina headlined the newspapers not for her new movie, her new handbag, new dressing, but her good-will to the poor. And she was entitled the 'saint' by the refugees.

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