A procurement specialist is generally a person who purchases goods and materials for an organization and the supply procurement depends on the size of the organization. Procurement specialists are required for a wide range of organizations.

A procurement specialist in a bank is also a clerk, who takes responsibility for the purchase of the materials and deals with transactions. Thus, he/she is a financial agent dealing with the business and administrative transactions of a bank and is responsible for tracking the shipments and orders. In particular, the procurement specialist of a bank should have full cognizance about the legal policies and he/she should oblige to the rules and regulations of the bank.
A procurement specialist is fully responsible for handling projects related with the purchase operations. He/she should know how to deal with stakeholders, trustees and investors of the business especially in the procurement activities. It is necessary for a procurement specialist to have knowledge in SAP to handle procurement reports. The procurement specialist is also responsible for providing payment card related details for the customers ordering for their products and helps in card verification processes. In fact, this agent is the facilitator of the transactions using the payment card for the customers. The queries which are related to the cardholders and transferred by the customer care to the bank are resolved by the procurement specialist. The authorization for the procurement orders is generally provided by the procurement specialist. He/she provides details related to any local and international procurement activities and assists in capital cost information. One who takes loans preferably for constructions gets guidance from the procurement specialist. Also the complicated projects under various phases are effectively handled by this financial agent.

The candidates applying for procurement specialist should have at least 5 years experience in procurement services and also should possess Master's degree in any technical disciplines such as economics, finance, business administration, procurement, management, commerce and other related fields and the knowledge in SAP is preferred. They should be comfortable to work with software tools related to banking. They should also possess excellent communication and proven English written skills.

The World Bank, an international bank is now looking for procurement specialist on a contract basis of 2 years appointment. This is a local job opening and the complete details can be obtained by viewing the "careers" section of the World Bank website and the advertisement posted on the Jobs dada website.

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