Once Farming was the main backbone for the Indian Economy and Farmers had a enriching life. But for the past 5 years, Indian farmers are going through a tough life.

A farmer has to deal with debts and other mental trauma. Farmer suicides has started increasing Farming by profession also also started becoming extinct now. 20 to 25 years down line we must be using search engine to know the about the farmers and farming.

So what has made them to sacrifice even their life. Main problem is the lack of water to the
Field in the summer season. Huge investments in the farming land obviously will cost his life.
Widows will have to take the burden from them for daily bread. If it is possible we can also provide them a Identity card which helps them to get the recognition. They should be respected in the way where we as a country respects a Political leaders and other diplomats.

Farmers should be supported, Helped and recognized by all of us. They should be given some previlages to make them feel good and to attract others to enter into farming filed. Children of farmers should be given school education at free of cost till their higher studies.

And lastly to ensure water supply through out the year, We need to connect the Rivers though out India which will help us alot even for our domestic consumption.

But what ever we can do we should do it immediately because each and every life is precious and they are all our brothers and sisters we should help them.. and Finally we all need to them survive in this world.

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