There are various factors that waste your time while you are at work. These factors cause a lot of problems as you run short of time to complete your assignments that are time bound. This can in turn cause you to have increased stress and get stress related diseases. Time management is very important to prevent all this, but there are times when in spite of the time management, one s not able to complete the work that has been assigned because of the various factors that waste your time while at work.

Here are a list of factors that are commonly found to waste a person's time while at work.

1. Telephone calls:

Telephone calls are the most common methods of losing time at work. The use of cell phones have made it a bigger problem as there are many calls to all the employees that seem urgent, but waste a lot of time. There are various methods that can be used to deal with this problem. The best method of dealing with this problem is that the employees should be told to avoid talking on the cell phones by the management. The employees themselves should make sure that they are not wasting too much time talking to various people on their phone.

2. Need for socialization:

The need for socialization at work also wastes a lot of time for the people who are on a tight schedule. This is especially true in jobs that are related to people. The clients or customers are sometimes very talkative and they cannot be cut short as it may lead to a loss of business. The employees should not be overtly curt to these clients, but at the same time should be able to explain the relevant facts and then get back to their work.

3. Poor filing:

Poor filing is a common reason for wastage of time in a organization. The papers on the desk of an employee can go missing under each other and a lot of time is spent to try and find these papers. The waste of time in these activities is again an unnecessary waste of time. The reason for this is all it takes is a few minutes to file papers and the time spent for searching is a few hours each week.

4. Meetings:

Any big organization has many meetings. There are some important meetings, but not all of them are important. There are some meetings where you may be invited, but you might have a very small or no role to play in these meetings.

5. Searching for various things:

This is closely linked to the fact that there is no proper filing system in existence in the company. This can cause you to search for various papers. An unorganized person usually spends a lot of time in searching for various things.

These are the various factors that make you to waste your time at work. Try to be an organized person and it will help you to use your time at work to the maximum and give you satisfaction.

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