People have loved the Mary Kay business for ages. With it's onset of business in 1963, the Mary Kay party with facials for free has been an entertaining way to sell. In addition, donating funds to breast cancer and domestic abuse has earned this company some forthrightness. This industry can be a fruitful opportunity with the line now including products for men and body products. Yes, that's's another MLM, which is why so many people get discouraged, and even accuse the selling Mary Kay folks of scamming! However, selling Mary Kay doesn't mean that you're destined to fail at the bottom of a "pyramid", even though the facts show that the company Mary Kay does make billions off of women who are hopeful, but can least afford it.

Before you plan to take on this opportunity, it would be wise to acknowledge the following five facts:

Mary Kay entrepreneur numbers have continually increased since the birth of the company, but these figures are misleading since the numbers also include all the inactive reps.

In the US, the popularity of Mary Kay has grown to roughly seven hundred thousand consultants, and these numbers have proven to stay fairly stable.

41% of Mary Kay reps abandon their distributorship in the first year, and 69% terminate in the second year.

You can bet that people accusing of Mary Kay reps of "scammers" usually know of a Mary Kay failure.

True professionals in the business have the knowledge that the key to success is in the way you market. Substandard marketing strategies is the ultimate cause for failing distributorships.


So how could a company as strong as fantastic as Mary Kay leave so many unhappy quitters behind? The issue with MLM distributors is that they usually get excited about an opportunity without committing to the work set before them as a business. Like any business, you need to spend money to make money. But there isn't a sole who really wants to throw out ten thousand dollars to make $10 for a weekly commission. And that's the tough reality - most multi-level distributors only turn over and average of $10 per week.

Success doesn't come easy. An MLM company, like any business, requires work and financial investment. The popular delivery is to sell recruits on badgering friends and family and let them just "carry the baton" to build your business. Do not fall into the trap of believing that rubbish! It's a bleak reality that majority of people you'll simply meet in passing won't be interested in your product or opportunity, although there are plenty of people out there who actually want it! Most people get more and more discouraged with every time they try to sell to their friends.


Learning how to sell Mary Kay is literally at your fingertips. The perfect Mary Kay Marketing Plan is just a click away! If you simply let the technology of today's era for FOR you instead of AGAINST you, you're on the right track! As a matter of fact, the cold reality is that it could be your ONLY prosperous choice in this day and age. All you need is the proper equipment and training to befriend the technology of today. The proper MLM marketing system can actually launch your business to where you're earning over $500 per day and personally sponsoring over 100 recruited reps in your business in less than 60 days! Decide today to put a halt to wasting all your dough on leads that don't work. Stop nagging your neighbors and friends to take a look at your opportunity. We're lucky that we're living in an era where the internet can help us in business. It really isn't necessary to lay out all your finances to learn how to do this. Through the automated, duplicable Mary Kay marketing plan, you can stop struggling today, and learn how to Mary Kay buyers to look for you!

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can be fun and rewarding. But before you join the Mary Kay opportunity, make sure you understand how to market with a Mary Kay Marketing Plan that will be putting money in your pocket even if your leads don't join your Mary Kay business.