I've been tossing around whether to write a review on InLife or not and after thinking about it for a week I was certain I couldn't resist. So if you are looking at InLife to find out if it's a good company or not, you've come to the right review. In this article is a complete review of InLife from a third-party. I am not affiliated in any way with inLife and my goal is to supply you with enough information to make a satisfactory conclusion for yourself.

I have been in the network marketing industry for more than 9 years and I've seen a lot of different companies come and go in my time. Is InLife an opportunity that is destined for long-term success? After reading this review, that question may be answered.

InLife was launched in 2007 and was founded by Craig Youngblood, Simon Lu, Steve Youngblood, Gino Ferrare and David Allen Baker. These men have a combined experience and knowledge ranging from the conception of the sheer cover infomercials to owning a booking/talent agency. They all are entrepreneurs through and through and appear to be triumphant in every venture they attempt individually. Now they have teamed up to bring inLife to life.

What really captured my attention with this company is the distinctiveness of the product line. Let me explain, while a majority of other companies in the industry are involved in the health niche, InLife takes a unique route. Instead of competing with the rest of the companies in the health craze with juices and nutrition that force you to make changes in your life, they are essentially tapping into human nature by providing safer alternatives to what is considered to be a habit by most people in America. Let's face it, we all have our vices and some are not as good as others.

inLife has five main products: InForce®, inHance®, Alternative Smoking Device, Journey Coffee with Acai and Gogi, and InFocus®.

First off, let's take the big one which is coffee. Most people know that coffee is actually bad for you, yet when you start drinking it, it can evolve into a habit that is hard to break. You get up in the morning and the first thing you do is fill up the coffee pot for your morning fix of some wake up juice. With inLife's Journey Coffee, comes gourmet quality coffee with health benefits. It is suppose to provide for the body's antioxidant needs to help fight against free radicals. It is also loaded with both Acai and Goji berries, which if you've heard the buzz about those, you'll identify that they are two of the world "super foods".

Next is the product inLife E-Cig. Even though smoking is looked on as almost socially unacceptable now, most smokers can't seem to rid themselves of the habit. I myself know many people who have tried to quit making a new goal every year to stop smoking. Only to wind up returning to the sickening habit with disappointment in themselves for not sticking with it. With InLife's E-Cig, a person doesn't have to quit smoking they can just change to this alternative smoking device that allows them to keep doing what they're use to. I have even heard that some people abandon the habit all together. If they decide to keep the habit they can get there nicotine fix without tons of chemical additives.

Then of course how can we forget inHance®. This will be exceptionally popular for the older age group who still fancy getting a little rowdy once in a while. You've seen all the commercials when the men are chatting about a certain dysfunction they're having. The all natural supplement is suppose to supercharge a man's engine within 45 minutes.

And finally, InForce®, which helps assist the body's immune system with Coriolus Versicolor Mushrooms, which have went through studies and clinical trials. As well as the inFocus® energy drink to help with nicotine cravings throughout the day.

This is why I find inLife so interesting. The founders realize that human beings are creatures of habit. A large amount of the habits we have are bad for us. Sorry to say, even if some of these habits are harmful, some people really enjoy the one's they have developed. So inLife's idea is you essentially don't have to quit just substitute it with a safer alternative.

With these products and the leadership, people who decide to join inLife could have success once word really gets out. Personally I have not tried any of the products so I can't speak for the actual effectiveness or taste. Still I have seen related type products around and the users seem happy with the results.

So if you're going to cling on to your routine, why not get paid for it. Right?

The inLife compensation plan features six ways to earn from retail sales to matching bonuses. With this binary plan you can earn immediate income from bonuses as well as residual income for long term sustainability.

In conclusion, inLife has all the right components in a special niche market that could be very profitable. But the big question is should you align yourself with them and help other people change their habit to a safer alternative and earn additional income? That of course is up for you to decide.

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