Friends are like our own body parts, attached. And detaching a true friend is like amputation of an essential part of our body. Without friends life is meaningless. If one cannot befriend anybody outside the family one can definitely consider the parents sisters or brothers as their best friend. If not they can take into their liking the pets they own like dogs, cats, birds, reptiles or even insects as their friends. Friends certainly gives us joy and wipes the shade of loneliness. friendship gives colors to the images drawn in our heart. very often individuals confine themselves more to friends than their parents or kith and kin. The poem noted below arouses peculiarity but it is a fact. strangeness is not uncommon. often we will be let to ponder for an answer for various scene we come across in our day to day life.


I saw it leap into my kitchen crevice,

Once I returned after Sunday Service.

Cute as a toddler; innocent as a baby,

Though a mere frog, really shabby.

It moved freely not afraid of me,

When I stretched myself; late at night.

I took it odd to let that hold,

In my abode the family own.

I shoved it out, showed the world-

Asked him to find, friend of its kind.

But Lo! It stood with forelimbs stretched

Back in my home, like he owns.

My kith and kin who always win,

Rolled it out farther more,

Thought the lanes and curves would muddle,

But it crept to its home - My home.

A year has rolled, chubby it grew,

Swept all insects that crawls on floor.

Each night it sat with un -blinked eyes,

Pleading to me not to throw outside.

What harm is there to let him stay,

No harsh words or deeds betray.

I do not know why he chose my home,

But now in my heart a true FROG FRIEND.

Jacintha Morris
Welfare Assistant,
AG's office,Trivandrum
Kerala State
Mob: 9895278001

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