Life is boring

We all live life in our own way. There are so many factors which decide the way we live. Our background from birth , our childhood experiences , our friends, our work atmosphere, our married life, our neighbors, the amount of travel we make which in turn decides the exposure in terms of people, culture, food and other experiences we get which together play a role on the way we feel about life at any point of time.
We hear stories about students committing suicide due to low marks , being scolded by parents etc. In fact we also hear about working class feeling low due to missing promotions , for example. S o we all have aspirations and when it does it ensue the way we expect , we feel a low. For some it is a passing phase . Also it depends on the way we can share our feelings with our friends, relatives and neighbours.
If we can share it , then the burden lessens and we are able to go ahead with the other aspects of life. But some either do not get a chance or right person to share , or , due to their background, hesitate in sharing , even if they have close friends/ neighbors. These people carry forward their low feeling emotions in their hearts and it affects them and prevents them from seeing life in the right sportive way.
There are different agencies which try to help such people to come out of their problems by being anonymously helping them.
The question is how to avoid more people from facing such situations. What the society in general and we in particular can do to solve this issue. The issue we may see in ourselves or in our near and dear ones , or may be hear about such people from our friends or relatives or neighbors.
Basic training in childhood to face problems and accept defeat or failure may go a long way. Also we should encourage children to participate in competitions and make them realize that not all can win . There will be only one winner in a race. But there will be a lot of participants. We have to one among the participants to get a chance to be a winner. If we do not participate , due to fear of failure of not being the winner , then we cannot get the chance to win.

Another angle to solve this issue is to identify the factors. One important factor is health. If we are physically weak , then the chances are more that we may also feel weak mentally. SO food, exercise , relationships with friends, relatives, neighbors etc are various factors which decide our health mentally and physically , which in turn decides whether we live a happy good life.

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