The term obesity means overweight. Obesity may lead to various other diseases in the body like blood pressure, cholesterol,joint pains, weakened muscles, slow movement, infertility, and mental depression.Obesity may be cured in many ways. But the best methods are diet control, exercise and yoga. These three methods are natural and good methods which do not have any sort of side effects.

Obese people have got extra fat deposited in their body.To reduce this fat content these people should try to burn the extra calories deposited in the form of fat in their body.Let us see the diet control method first.

DIET CONTROL : Firstly these people should follow a strict diet control plan.This diet control should involve avoiding high calories food stuffs like oil, ghee ,butter,meat etc.They should also void high carbohydrates contented food like maida, sugar etc.Instead they should eat more fruits, vegetable, milk, fruit juices, high fiber diet like wheat, corn, oats brawn, barley...etc.A women who have medium working capacity only needs 1200 calories a day.A man on the other hand needs 1600 calories a day.So people should find out about low calories food stuffs and add these in daily diet.These people can also eat negative caloried food to burn more calories(like horsegram, oats..etc).

EXERCISE : This is another good way to reduce the calories in our body.Exercise not only reduces obesity but also tones and rejuvenates the muscles.Exercise improves the blood flow through the body and also reduces the blood pressure. Walking, swimming, cycling, jogging etc are considered to be the most basic and best exercises to improve the health of a obese person.Exercise also reduces mental tension and improves the mood of a person.The effects of exercise are inevitably great on obese person changing the life of the person into a pleasant one.So people who plan to reduce weight should definitely follow a regular exercise program so that they can loose pounds soon.

YOGA: Yoga is also a very good method to reduce weight.There are many pose in yoga as solutions to various problems in human life. Generally abdomen exercises and relevant poses are taught to people who want to loose weight.Yoga should be practiced only after being taught by a good instructor so that they follow the poses proper without being misled.If the pose is improper it can lead to bad effects in the long run

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