A graphic level costs describe the amount of sensation that provokes the viewer a game of Guild Wars 2. Something that characterized the previous game is its fantastic, full and almost inexhaustible wealth of artworks, designs and wonderful aesthetic. ArenaNet earned a spot in the minds of many players with some designs, worlds and constructions of a beauty rarely comparable.

Access to any area of Guild Wars was always a feast for the eyes, then before entering the area the game rewarded us with a great artwork, many marvelous work of artist Daniel Dociu. With Guild Wars 2 have excelled in that aspect, a look at the art book for this game is a journey to a superlative world of imagination, variety and aesthetics.

Well, first of all, when we play one of the most surprising things is that when we talk to an important character of an event there will be no balloons or with text boxes, but like a comic book character first appear gesticulating plane with the body and face while the background is a stage-related artwork or event. This means that it enjoyed before the great concept art we will do even more now.

Going into detail in-game, the game looks spectacular. No, and by their carefully prepared texture (very artistic) and its fantastic character designs (it is impossible to see one like it), but by the great draw distance. In the valley with farms and mills, looked at a lavish fund construction of a city silver on top of a mountain. Move the camera while burning farms, with a good recreation of smoke on the horizon as we watched different types of clouds and sky and the magnificent city was exciting. Color photography and eventually round a graphical look really beautiful.
It is too early to give an overall assessment of what is seen in Guild Wars 2. Shown in both presentation and the test is practically a tiny portion of what we offer the game. However, this small part has left us wondering, especially by the remarkable ambition and ArenaNet claims to tell a story and to make players feel part of it.

Much effort has been made in democratizing the gameplay, to add tons of content and dynamic events with the players engaged. They have spent hours and hours to design and paint the beautiful scenes and characters. But above all it has deepened into a philosophy that seeks to revolutionize the MMO genre, seeking those who are tired of the MMO on duty or those who have never ventured into Guild Wars 2 find what they crave. The basis will therefore have more than 6 million people bought Guild Wars, and many have enjoyed for many years without paying any monthly fees. With such a basis and after what we saw in the Gamescom, we can only count the days and times for this colossal experience reaches our hands.

Because if something is Guild Wars 2 is that with some notable resources, without asking too large machine and without pomposity graphics, get annihilate any amateur with an artistic and talented visual proposal.

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