A vacuum cleaner, commonly referred to as a vacuums in the U.S. and a hoover in the UK, is a device that uses an air pumped-up to produce a fond vacuum to fawn dust and stain, unremarkably from floors.

Vacuum cleaner types include:
- Unsloped emptiness cleaners are common in the U.S., Britain and several Commonwealth countries, but really unusual in Continental Europe. They contract the form of a cleaning drumhead, onto which a handle and bag are committed. Upright designs ordinarily apply a rotating brushroll or beater bar, which removes dirt through a combining of wholesale and shakiness. There are two types of vertical vacuums; bemire-fan/direct air (found generally on commercial vacuums), or clean-air/fan-bypass (constitute on virtually of nowadays's vacuums).

The old of the two designs, direct-fan cleaners have a great impeller (fan) climbing close to the sucking porta, done which the stain passes directly, before existence winded into a bag. The centrifugal is ofttimes cooled by a fork cooling fan. Because of their large-bladed fans, and relatively myopic airpaths, directional-fan cleaners create a selfsame efficient airflow from a low number of powerfulness, and shuffling enceinte carpet cleaners. Their 'above-level' cleaning superpower is less effective, since the airflow is disoriented when it passes through a long hose.

Fan-bypass uprights have their motorised mounted after the bag. Dust is distant from the airstream by the bag, and ordinarily a filtrate, earlier it passes done the fan. The fans are littler, and are usually a combination of various moving and stationary turbines working in sequence to boost index. The motive is cooled by the airstream overtaking done it. Fan-bypass vacuums are goodness for both carpeting and above-flooring cleanup, since their suction does far-famed significantly diminish o'er the length of a hose, as it does in directional-fan cleaners. However, their air-paths are practically less efficient, and can require more than twice as lots ability than direct-fan cleaners to reach the like results.

The least commons just vacuum cleaners use a drive-belt powered by the suction motorised to revolve the brushing-peal. Nevertheless, a more commons design of dual motor upright is available. In these cleaners, the sucking is provided via a great motor, spell the brushroll is powered by a branch, smaller drive, which does not make any suction. The brush-furled drive can sometimes be switched off, so difficult floors can be cleaned without the clash-rolled strewing the dirt. It may also have an automatic cut-off feature, which shuts the motor off if the brushing-roller becomes jammed, protecting it from scathe.

- Cylinder models (in the U.S. Besides much called canister models) rule the European grocery. They have the centrifugal and dust collector (victimization a bag or bagless) in a branch whole, normally mounted on wheels, which is connected to the vacuity drumhead by a flexible hose. Their main advantage is flexibility, as you can attach unlike heads for different tasks, and maneuverability (the head can reach below furniture and makes it rattling easy to hoover stairs and perpendicular surfaces. Many cylinder models have powerfulness heads, as received or add-on equipment, which contain the like rather mechanical beaters as in vertical units, making them as efficient on carpets as erect models. Such beaters are driven by a separate electric drive or a turbine which uses the sucking ability to gyrate the brushroll via a drive belt.

- Automatic emptiness cleaners are a configuration of carpet sweeper with limited suck ability, which go autonomously, normally in a largely chaotic formula ("random leaping"). Some come back to a docking send to charge their batteries, and a few are capable to empty their dust containers into the dock also.

- Manus-held emptiness cleaners, either battery-operated or mains powered, are also democratic for cleansing up smaller spills, such as the Black and Decker DustBuster, introduced in 1979, and the several manus-held models from Soil Devil, first introduced in 1984.

The central unit of a distinctive central vacuum for residential use
* Drum models are basically heavy-duty industrial versions of cylinder vacuum-clean cleaners, where the cylinder consists of a big vertically location drum, which can be stationary or on wheels. These models, which can shop complete 200 litres (53 US gallons), are often dependant capable compressed air and utilize the venturi effect.

* Wet or wet/dry or betray vacuum cleaners are a specialized configuration of the cylinder/drum models that can be exploited to neaten wet or liquid spills. They commonly can accommodate both wet and dry soilage; approximately are besides equipt with a permutation or exhaust porthole for converse the airflow, a utilitarian performance for everything from clearing a clotted hose to blowing dust into a corner for light collecting.

* Pneumatic or pneumatic wet/dry vacancy cleaners are a specialized form of wet/dry models that hook capable tight air. They normally can adapt both wet and dry soilage, a utile feature in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.

* Back-backpacking vacuum-clean cleaners are commonly put-upon for commercial cleansing: they allow the exploiter to movement quickly almost a great area. They are fundamentally cylinder vacuity cleaners beefy on the exploiter's back.

* Central vacancy cleaners, also known as reinforced-in or ducted, are a type of cylinder models which have the motorized and bag unit located in a central localisation in the construction and ply emptiness inlets end-to-end the construction: lone the hose and drumhead motive be carried from suite to way, and the hose is ordinarily 8 m (25 ft) long, allowing a large grasp of motility without ever-changing vacuity inlets. Shaping pipe connects the inlets to the central unit. The vacuum-clean head may be unpowered or have beaters operated by an electrical centrifugal or an air-driven turbo.

The soil bag in a central emptiness arrangement is commonly so large that emptying or ever-changing inevitably to be through less oft, perchance once p.a.. The central unit usually corset in stall-by, and is aroused by a permutation on the handle of the hose, or the unit powers up when the hose is plugged into the bulwark inlet when the metal hose connecter makes contact with two biramous in the bulwark inlet and the current is transmission done low emf wires to the briny unit. Such a whole besides produces greater suck than commons void cleaners, because a bigger fan and more knock-down motorized can be victimized when they are famed mandatory to be portable. Another benefit of a central vacancy scheme is that dissimilar a banner vacuum cleaner, which blows some of the soil collected back into the board existence cleaned (disregardless how efficient its filtration), a central vacuum removes all the stain collected to the central unit. Since this central whole is unremarkably located away the living area, no dust is recirculated back into the way existence cleaned. In improver, because of the distant localization of the drive unit, thither is less noise in the board existence cleaned than with a stock vacuum cleaner. Besides it is potential on most newer models to venthole the exhaust entirely extraneous with the whole inner the living quarters.

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