Is Our Business True?

Business a form of transaction done among the people depending upon the money invested or depending upon the investment the size may be big or small. But the principle aim of business remains the same that is to earn more and more profits. Sometimes a person may get huge sum of profit or may suffer loss. It is a procedure which is carried on in whole world. More and more firm, companies and industries are being set up Trade between within the places, states or nations have increased depending upon the demands and products. But the question is that are we truthful and honest with our deals and business. Do we do the so called business or profession of it as prescribed in our religion? Do we give proper justice to the consumers? The consumers also have certain rights over us. Ask our own heart and get the answer if the answer is good enough to your potentiality than its well and good and go ahead. But if the answer is shocking that your work is polluted and filled with cheat, fraud, faulty weight and measures or any ill practice than whole bushiness would be of no use even if yield or gives you crores of rupees over few seconds. Because the sole intension of that business remains an earnings of profits by foul and fraud means. Sentiments of consumer have no place in such type of business. The sole intension of such act is just to gain and amass wealth by misusing the resources. Sometimes the real product or the raw material is mingled with duplicate or some other low graded product to manufacture and pack in an original packet or container which may be sometimes unhygienic or not at all good for consumer's health. If consumer is given the proper justice and proper qualitative products than consumer may come from a long distance to take that product just for its quality and so on. Many perishable goods like vegetables and fruits are also not behind. The scales used by merchants or hawkers are often outdated and uninspected and lacks on ground of check and inspection and authenticity. The consumer may not get full weight for which he has paid the amount. If the consumer bargains than they cheat him by giving less amount of goods by using such faulty weights.
It can only be removed by having fear of Almighty God who would punish us if the same procedure is carried on in spite of knowing the devastating punishment, but we do not care and just think of time being situation we have almost lost the fear of God. Unless and until we have fear of God than only we would stop such malpractices hence make it a pledge that from today on wards we would have our business with principles of goodness, sincerity, truthfulness and honesty. Remember it is only God and we who know about what we are doing. The consumer is an innocent person who gives a nice smile after purchasing the product. Hence we do not have any right to play with sentiments of others. Make our business and deal true and honest to be included as a part of prayer.
Mr. Liyakat Shah
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