Man is a social animal he resides in the society to satisfy his basic amenities. Life the word itself sounds melodious which means a living being. Man is refferred as "Ashrafull Makhlukat" which means he is the best of the best of all living beings made by Almighty God. Man is the inventor of new scientific and technological world. He uses and misuses his knowledge of power for innumerable things.

There are many instances to prove the above statement. A piece of thing like land in the form of Ship floating on the bed of vast ocean, thousands of people sitting together in an aeroplane and flying high above the sky goes invisible, the means of communication has almost reached to the furthest stage it takes hardly a fraction of second to send to and fro messages or emails not only in world but also on another planets. The invention of various medicines has controlled death rates. All this was possible because man used his knowledge given by God. Many scientific inventions have there base of religions.

Man is the thinker and he keeps on thinking he gains formal education in school and school moulds and shapes the pupil with values of moral, social, aestheic, spiritual and physical developement. Discipline, co-operation, responsibility, feeling of oneness, are also basic factors imbibed in school.

Another education gain by man is the informal education, here there is no schedule of time table and there are no tutors to take lessons for anyone. Informal education can be gained by anyone at anytime at anywhere. Even an old man of eighty plus can gain informal education from an eight years old boy. It is related with mental ability. The more you look deep for a thing the more you can get from it. Its a sort of debate which goes in the mind of a person. Informal education continues from cradle to grave. Here it is to be noted that individual either big or small must gain education at any cost, as education seprates an ignorant person from an educated person.

Our Indian constitution, our policies, schemes, our projects are oriented to provide free and compulsory primary education to all the pupils mere just we have to take the pain of enrolling our name in the school of our locality. Our national and state Governments provides us with many facilities such as books, pens, pencils, bags, dress and even mid-day meals which shows their concerns towards education so we should make use of such facilities. If we are educated then we have a status, ego, image in the society and an uneducated person is often being cheated, tortured, insulted, amused in the society by the people.

Education has no specific age even an adult person can also gain education by joining adult education camps to learn the basic maxims of education.
Hence dear friends make your almamater, universities, colleges and schools hum with pupils. Gain education to topmost post to become a legend or a philosopher in your life. Than a day would come that India's name would be written in golden pages of history that India is a land of education Indian soil develops scholars. Let us take the difficult task of to prove the famous proverb of " Each One Teach One"
Liyakat Shah. M.A.B.ED

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles on various issues