Richness And Poverty Is Test For us
Almighty God has made some one rich and someone poor in the society in order to maintain balance in the society. There are circumstances that lead to such situation. It is at such times that they should cope with the situation and have full trust in God and should think that things would be ok and very well soon by the blessings and mercy of God
Poverty a form of condition that leads a person to be either in good or bad or worse condition, poverty a sort of condition on which a person curses himself or his family and his condition in which he or she survives. It is this condition that makes a person to either do some big or small crimes to spoil his life and have the label of blame for his lifetime. But it is not to be forgotten that it is this poverty if taken as a gift from Almighty God would lead him to gates of Heaven. The fewer amounts of things and amenities a person has the less he or she would be answerable in front of God. The more he or she has than has to give explanations for them. It does not mean that we should not become rich and earn more and more money. But we should have good and correct method and sources of earnings and spending and utilizing it for us and remaining left over for the poor and needy. Actually it is a testing time for rich and poor people. God test us from hunger, starvation, loss of wealth, or loss of near and dear one and so on. Similarly the people who owned a huge collection of wealth and lives a very happy, luxurious and prosperous live thinks that God loves them more than the poor because they have been made rich and given a upper hand than the poor. These is a blunder misconception in their mind, they are also been tested by God by giving them too much wealth whether they help the poor and needy people. Do they give their share to the needy people? Do they solve the problems of the poor people? Almighty God has kept a balance between the rich and the poor. Just mere neglecting and underestimating such things are not allowed and a person has to answer for that. A wealthy and happy person must share his some part of his share and happiness with unhappy people. There happiness would be incomplete if people around them are unhappy. People also have a misconception that if we spend on other things rather than God would drain away their wealth for which they may not have for their future saving for life. Spending over people to make them happy as we and helping the poor and the needy at difficult times would register more and more and continuous good deeds. If we spend with an intension of just and just helping others to give a cheerful smile on their faces, than the act becomes very nice to be appreciated by the people. We have to answer for all our collection as to what we have earned how and by what means and how we had spent it. Mere just hoarding and investment of unnecessary would be of no use. Many good deeds acts rewards are beneficial for the people as long as they are alive and some good deeds acts are such that the person may gain its benefits even if he or she is not in this world. Good deeds would evenly be recorded in his share even if he is no more as long as the project benefits the people and the society. It is one time investment and life time achievements for the cause of Almighty God and it benefits for us goes on and on.
Hence countrymen take an opportunity that God has given us beautiful life so do think about people around us who needs our help not only just by money or wealth even our moral and inspirational words would heal his problems to let him think that he or she is not at all alone.
May Allah Subanao Watala give us intelligence to think and act for humanism.
Mr. Liyakat shah
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