There are many websites that have sunk deep down the last pages of search results. If you are one of them, you might be in need of SEO services. However, be cautious because there are many companies and individuals offering various services. Some of them are good while others are not. Here is how you could avoid a bad SEO company.

Avoid Big Promises

It is expected that SEO companies will try to convince you to pick them by telling you what they can do. However, there are some who exaggerate what they can do ending up not being able to fulfill their promises which leaves you disappointed and unsatisfied.

To avoid a bad experience when getting an SEO service, don't deal with companies that make big promises that seem difficult to fulfill. Some companies would even make guarantees like your website will be in the top three results in just a few weeks.

Avoid Unnecessary Services

Search engine submission is a big example. There is usually no need to do search engine submissions especially submitting your website to hundreds of search engines. You can count the important search engines using your hands and they don't even require submission unless in very rare occasions where sites have been up and running for a long time but still haven't gotten indexed yet. Stay away from a company that tries to offer you with an unnecessary service because most often they are only after your money.

No Deal Unless There's a Portfolio

Of course, most website owners would want to hire an experienced SEO service provider. A company that has been providing such services for years should not have any difficulty showing a portfolio and giving some references unless all their clients demand confidentiality. It is best if you could see a proof of a company's good work for other website owners.

Have a Discussion

Most SEO companies offer their services purely online. It is said to be convenient for the clients if personal meetings would not be necessary. However, you should at least have a discussion or two with a company's representative even via phone. Ask the rep about the past projects that the company handled. He should be able to mention case studies or give details. It should bother you if the company representative cannot answer your questions or give the details you want to know. Another possibility is that the company is hiding something from you - probably some bad SEO tactics and black hat techniques that are better left unsaid.

Certainly, there are many SEO companies that you can hire if you need some link building and search engine rank improvement. However, you will be wasting time and money if you will believe that all of them are equal because they are not. There are bad SEO companies out there and you want to (and should) avoid them. Remember to avoid big promises and unnecessary services. Look for portfolio and references to know what the company's previous clients think of the service. Lastly, get to know the company and their techniques by having a chitchat with a company rep.

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