Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Muslim League both parties are the oldest in Pakistani Politics. Jamaat-e-Islami has not expanded himself due to their strict policy of membership and firm principle. On the other hand Pakistan Muslim League divided into several parts due to the involvement of dictatorship. Every dictator brutally use to Muslim League in the name of Quiad-e-Azam under the cloak of Democracy . These dictators understand that the actual opposition in Pakistan is Jamaat Islami and the others belonged to purchasing general stores. That is why they changed the scenario of Karachi and make MQM. I think that Jamaat followers dont understand dictators policies even they help Afghan people under the umbrella of Dictator Zia.

Moreover Religious reformers also making propaganda against Jamaat expanding and tell the public that this is the part of new sect and promoted in the public brain, no doubt that Jamaat vision is clear that all persons who are Muslim to take membership if they are eligible as per criteria. Due to these reformers Jamaat lose their credibility in public. I this connection media anchors of Jamaat are also critically involved that they dose not gave such support in media as required regarding policies of Jamaat which is different from other Islamic parties and also fail to tell public the vision of Jamaat as want their makers and founders including Mian Tuffail, Qazi Hussain and others.

During the Qazi Hussain Ahmed regime movement of Pasban and Islamic Front were famous in Pakistan even once I was going from Rawalpindi to Lahore I see in the bus that people who are traveling with me are cheering and happy for the succession of Islamic Front. At that time a slogan was very famous that Zalmo Qazi is Comming. But Jamaat was defeated in the election and the supporters were dishearted for the time being. Molana Fazal Rehman policy is doubtful in the eye of public they also lose their credibility due to dual policy technique. This technique also effect on the credibility of Jamaat during KPK government. That is why when resigned given by Siraj Ul Haq from Senior Provincial Minister KPK public congratulated him.

During the judicial movement the Jamaat involvement/commitment cant be refused at any stage. But this movement picked up by Mian Nawaz Sharif. ML (N) history tells us that they always gain benefit with the help of Jamaat but leave in the way. This is the small secenario that why Jamaat cant change the public opinion but they alway use for the benefit of others.

Now I come that Is Jamaat is capable to make a Revolution in Pakistan. The simple answer is "Yes". The main reasons for succession that Jamaat have a patriotic group of organized persons and scattered in all over the Pakistan not only in one place as like MQM. Moreover their supporters is also available in south Asia (India, Bangladesh, Indian Occupied Kashmir Malay, Sari Lanka even China ). I see in the face book that new generation is promoting the agenda of Jamaat and committed that how they can bring changes in Pakistan. If Jamaat can organized all such categories of people I think that they can be succeeded easily. In this context it is necessary for Jamaat that he can use electronic channels and other printing media. Presently I see that Media Channels are hesitating to promote the rallies and processesions which organized by Jamaat.

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