In the year 1971 Joe Frazer made history by becoming the World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion by defeating the legendary Mohammad Ali, who was then popularly known as the "Black Superman". How did Frazer achieve this incredible feat which many others dreamt of? The archetypal explanation given by the "Guru's of Boxing" is that Frazer gave his best shot out there and did all the basics correct. Though Frazer had many drawbacks as a boxer, he had one strong point which was his left hook. He had immense self confidence and was not afraid of losing. What he saw in front of him was not the legend but just another opponent. He was able to exorcise Ali's ghost and give his best shot out there. The result is a stupendous victory over the boxing legend Mohammad Ali, which arguably catapulted Frazer's career.

There is a common misconception that "Winning" is the ultimate measure of your mettle and character. But the truth is something different. Giving our best shot is more important than the end result. It shows the efforts that we have put in and the depth of our involvement in the matter on hand. The major script ures promulgates that "We should not live in the glory of our past or in anticipation of the future. But we need to live in the present". And that is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves. Living in the present means being aware of our surroundings and doing things with conviction. Results are the logical extension of our efforts. A very competent batsman from Pakistan once said that "I do not worry about getting out. But Iam concerned only about how hard I can hit the ball. Every time, with each delivery, my intention is to whack the ball out of the ground so that I will have some rest in between". He went on to score many centuries and was a terror to the bowlers. He never had a scientific approach to the game. His only mantra was to hit the ball hard and to give his best shot out there. That worked like magic for him!

Much literature has been written about Honeybees. The human fascination with this insect began thousands of years ago. Honey Bees are the most industrious insects and they truly epitomize the word "Involvement". The myriad types (almost 25,000) of bees like Drones, Worker Bees, Bumble Bees, Carpenter Bees, Sweat Bees, Leaf-Cutting Bees, Mason Bees etc all work religiously for their queen. Their sole intention is to build the hive with their beeswax and store nectar for the entire colony. They are all deeply involved in their work and do their best to bring back maximum nectar to the hive. There is no written rule or code of conduct, but the bees work together in a highly structured and social order. Each one gives out its best to build the nest and store food. The end result is the sweet tasting honey which is relished by all of us. So when the efforts are there and when we all work with a conviction, the result is always sweet like honey.

Once in a Circus a juggler started doing his performance. As he went on to perform more and more difficult tricks, the excitement started to rise from among the audience. At last, he came to the most difficult of the tricks where he had to basket a ball on a 12 feet pole attached to the plate that he was holding with his legs, while lying on his back. The awe struck audience began to applaud, anticipating a perfect basket. For a split second, the juggler thought about the loud applause that he would get after the successful performance. The concentration wavered and down came the ball with a thud which was followed by a long "ooohs" and cries of dejection from the audience. Had the juggler kept his concentration intact on the trick instead of anticipating the applause of the audience, he would have definitely succeeded in his performance. So our conviction, dedication and focus on the process on hand are more important which ultimately determines the end result. The Crux is to do our best and not to worry about the outcome.

"Results are the limitations that we are drawing for ourselves. It is superficial and underestimated. Instead let us work with our full potential and give our best shot in whatever we are doing. The results then surely will be sweet and fantastic."

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