The communication age from pager to note
It was 2005. One of my friends had a pager. He was working for a delivery firm and also doing marketing. He used to send messages and receive messages. It was something new for us. We were only using landline to call and talk to people and that is the only mode of communication known and also widely used .When we start seeing the use of pager, as to the instant sending of communication , we were wondering about the technology.
Then one day my colleague brought a phone to office. It was quite bulky like a wireless set . We asked him it is from a police friend or what ? . He told it is a mobile phone and he can make calls . But has to pay for incoming and outgoing calls also. The cost was also very high compared to the landline .

It was just a few years and things changed suddenly. Pagers disappeared suddenly the same way they suddenly appeared a few years back. The incoming calls in mobiles were made free and also the outgoing calls were very much less. Unlike the landline days , when few operators were there, more service providers were there in mobile communication . As choice was there for consumers, due to competition , the rates for calling came down further. Also operators started introducing different schemes and also message boosters and call rate cutters. Here it is to be mentioned that since the mobiles were also used to send message in addition to calls , the pagers were forgotten very soon.
Then came the era of internet facility being available in the mobiles. Also due to technology development , the size and weight of mobiles started coming down drastically. Also to cater for a group of users, for convenience in using internet , tablets came into picture. Tablets or ipads were a miniaturized version of the laptops , almost meeting all the features covered in the mobiles and the laptop.

In the sidelines , we should also mention about the transition from big desktop computers to laptops and further to notebooks.
Another are of development , relate to the above is the IPods for audio and pictures storage and listening /viewing.
Iphones by apple are a category , still not economical , but having its own group of users.

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