When you have a My Shopping Genie business, you have boundless potential in your hands. The capability to earn money on online purchases that you make, online purchases made by friends you refer, travel commissions, and more... If you have been to a My Shopping Genie presentation and become a consultant, then you are probably fired up and you see how this opportunity has resulted in substantial income for quite a few people. So now you may be wondering, "Why isn't it happening that way for me?" Well, I'm here to tell you that it certainly CAN work that way for you but first you have to take a long hard look at the technique you are using to generate leads and prospects and ask yourself "What am I doing to add value to people's lives?"

Let's talk about this a bit more...

Adding value does NOT mean showing them a way to save money when they shop. Providing value does NOT mean telling them that they can earn money if they sign up with you. Doing things like this really doesn't make you any different than any other network marketer out there. That means you are actually competing against thousands of other companies and millions of other people who are approaching your My Shopping Genie prospects with similar offers and opportunities. Why should they join you? Really, "Why should they join YOU?"

Listen, the days of simply making a list of people you know, going out to tell them about your business, and then watching the money arrive are over. That may have worked 20 years ago but it does NOT work today. So if that is your only routine of prospecting, your My Shopping Genie business is headed for problems. Yes, there may be an intermittent exception to this, but for the most part, that type of marketing is nearly dead. Today, individuals have a "What's in it for me?" attitude. They have been approached on so many different deals and money-making opportunities that they are utterly immune to the hype. By the time you hit them up about ZamZuu, they are barely even listening. This issue only compounds itself when you do sponsor someone and it comes time for you to train them how to build their business. Are you teaching them to add value or are you teaching them to "make a list"?

So now that we have identified a challenge, what do we do about it?

Ok, first of all, if you are searching online, you are going to find a lot of people trying to tell you how to market your My Shopping Genie business on the internet. Yes, I must agree that this is the way of the future, but you still have to ask if you are adding value. Simply just writing a few articles and posting some videos on YouTube is not adequate to make your My Shopping Genie business explode. Doing that still doesn't make you any different than someone else online.

Here's a quick value test for your prospecting techniques...

If you are prospecting in a cold market (online or offline), what value are you providing to your prospects to show them that you are concerned about their success, that you have some knowledge of how to build a big My Shopping Genie group, and to set yourself apart from the masses? If someone does NOT sign up with you in your business, what value are you adding to their lives? What challenge are you helping them to fix? In today's world, the people who are able to achieve this are the ones making the fortunes.

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