The state of Tamil Nadu has been on the development path for quite some time,. It is one of the few states where wholesome development has happened. There are many other states that have developed too, but in all these states, only the cities and people living in cities have had their lifestyle become better. Tamil Nadu is [probably the only state in India where each and every part of the state has been developing on an equal scale.

The development has been possible because of the slew of welfare measures that have been announced by the state government. It has also been possible because of the

Schemes for disabled people:

There have been various schemes that have been announced by the government to make sure that the disabled people are not at any disadvantage to the other people who are not disabled. This has been made possible by creation of a separate department under the health ministry that looks after the well being of the disabled people. The distribution of disabled pension to those who are not able to do any work because of their disability has also made it possible for them to lead a life of dignity.

Rice at 1Rupee:

Tamil Nadu is the only place in the whole world where the food is available at such a cheap subsidized rate. All the people of the State who are under the poverty line and also the lower middle class people are provided rice at a cost of Rs 1. This means that a kilogram of rice is available at less than 3 cents. This has made the government to be very popular to the people. The government is making this available to the people at a subsidy.

Kalignar Kaapidu thittam:

This is a scheme that involves health insurance for all the people in the state who are again below the poverty line. The fact that they have been given protection under a health insurance scheme has made it possible for them to access quality health care that has not been accessible till then.

Health insurance:

Other than the health insurance that has already been mentioned, there is another health insurance scheme that is available to all the employees of the state government and also their families. This too has benefited thousands of regular employees of the government.

Gas connection:

The government has also provided free gas connections to all the people who have not been having any gas connection. This has again made it possible for the people in the state to have a better life as they do not have to go to the trouble of collecting and using firewood to cook their food.

Free color television:

The fact that all the people who do not have a color television have all been provided with color televisions has also been a success story of the various schemes that have been made possible by the state government to the people.

These are some of the most amazing welfare schemes that are provided to the people of the state.

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