Baba Iyabo is at it Again!!!

A few weeks ago, Nigeria's Political Maradona went on national television and tore his PDP membership card. He declared to the whole world that he had chosen to retire from politics and resort to statesmanship. I quickly checked my Merriam Webster Dictionary and found two meanings of the word "Statesman."

First, a Statesman is "one versed in the principles or art of government; especially one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government or in shaping its policies." For Obasanjo to say he is no longer a politician would suggest that the strong man of Otta has decided to become an "average Nigerian."

More so, the definition reads "one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government, or in shaping its policies." But isn't that what he has always tried to do? He should've realised that the tides have changed. Jonathan is an Ijaw man and will not be pushed around (I stand corrected). Besides, in today's Nigeria, you do not only need to be a partisan politician, but in power to be ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF A GOVERNMENT (emphasis mine).

Second, a Statesman is a wise, skilled and respected "political" leader (emphasis mine...again). I know Baba Iyabo likes to think he is wise (I am not saying he is not). You can refer to him as skilled having "ruled" the nation for 11years. However, I like to think the retired General is more feared than respected.

Come to think of it, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo should've left politics in 2007, after providence smiled on him for eight years, and not continue to interfere with politics, with near-impositions. This super political dribbler took it a little too far when he began to openly and verbally attack the office of the presidency and person of the president.

As I continued to ponder in this political labyrinth called Nigeria, it dawned on me that this man has no other skill. He is either a soldier or a politician. Hold it there! I know you want to say he is a farmer- but I'd like to tell you that there is a difference between a farmer (one who tills the ground) and a farm owner (the one who pays the tiller).

I could be wrong though. No, I want to be wrong. I want to drive by Otta farm on an early Saturday Morning and see Baba Iyabo holding a Hoe and working on his farm. O forgive me, his farm must be completely mechanized. At least, a glimpse of him driving the tractor or supervising the workers is a sight to behold. Forgive my preposterous imaginations.

Now that Obasanjo has retired from politics, we will miss him. I will for sure. This is our own Nelson Mandela- like him, he came out of Prison and became President. Unlike him, Baba knows how to haunt his enemies. This is one man who has added spice and glamour, and excitement to Nigeria's political stage. This final performance is a jaw dropper.

Baba can do wonders in your political career and yet make things go awry for you if his 'place' is threatened (our dear Jonathan is a case study). Men like Tafa and Alameseigha have learnt the hard way to remain in Baba's good books or fall prey to unforeseen circumstances.

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