It is a fact that memory power reduces with aging. This reduction in memory power can be restricted to a great extent through appropriate memory exercise and nutrition. Sufficient consumption of fruit and vegetable juices, which have intrinsic vitamins and minerals, can upgrade the memory power and brain functioning. It should also be remembered that poor nutrition may increase unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals which can damage your brain cells and seriously affect your thought process.

Raw food nutrition, especially organic fruit and vegetables juices, can help protect your brain cells boosting brain functioning and memory. If one wants to lessen the damage caused to brain cells one should take enough fruits or vegetables which contain huge amount of Vitamin-E and antioxidants. You will get a healthy brain tonic if you take fresh juices which contain sufficient amount of zinc.

To improve your memory power and brain's functioning the under mentioned tips for in-take of healthy juices should be scrupulously followed.

Blueberries Juice: It is quite affluent in antioxidants which clash and remove free-radicals that are liable for cell deterioration in our body as well as to brain.

Juices from spinach, apples, cherries, grapes and other berries: Fruit juices made from spinach, apples, cherries, grapes and other berries are great sources of antioxidants which can develop and refurbish motor coordination and balance of your body. One can repeal the memory loss radically by using them.

Lemon Juice : The functioning of brain and other part of body gets affected due to increase in blood sugar level. Consumption of lemon juice regularly puts a check on your blood sugar level which in turn would improve the functioning of your brain.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Juices prepared from fruits like blackberry, lemon, melons, acerola, cherries, guavas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are having adequate quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids which is main supply source of brain vitamins and minerals. Omega-3 restore the brain functioning and memory power.

Use of fruits and vegetables juices facilitate infusion of recommended vitamins and enzymes to brain. It is always preferable to improve your brainpower by drinking fruit/vegetable juices instead of going for any expensive memory supplements.

Likewise, to improve your memory power substantially you can also use herbs. United States and other countries around the world have been practicing this way of developing their memory power.

To improve memory Egyptians, Greeks, Orientals and the American Indians had followed the herbal practice. It is said that spicy herbs can boost the cognitive functions of your brain.

Cur cumin : This is an ingredient of turmeric and the same is used in curry. Cur cumin works to improve your memory as well as reduces the effects of mental diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

Ginger: Ginger, an active herbal ingredient in Ginger, plays an important role in guarding the brain and developing the memory.

Cinnamon: To boost your cognitive function and to elevate your mood, you can smell 'Cinnamon'.

Ginkgo biloba: It is a very good herb which facilitates in improving blood flow to the brain. Three times a day and 80 mg. per time the said herb could be taken.

Gotu kola: 'Gotu Kola' is mainly used for enhancement of memory power and protecting one against senility. Take ½ teaspoon of the herb in warm water three times a day.

Siberian Ginseng: If you regularly take 'Siberian Ginseng' it will provide you to build a well-built, balanced nervous system as well as it will let you to cope with stress and strain. Prescribed rate of taking this herb is 250 mg. twice a day.

You need to ensure that whatever drugs you are taking at present does not enter into any harmful interaction with the herbs you will be taking and thereby adversely affecting the functioning of the body. The prime purpose is to pick up your memory without any side effect.

You may use these herbs both orally as also through inhaling by aromatherapy. Herbs are mainly used for inhaling purpose by boiling them in hot water. If you resort to Aromatherapy the same will improve your concentration making you more focused, relax your mind and improve your mood. Two essential oils say, rosemary and basil are popularly used by the people at large for the same.

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