Should a policeman have a gun or not?
A police man should have a gun or not is an issue related to the security and protection of the people in a society. If a citizen is well protected without a gun in the hand of a policeman, he should not have a gun. However, it is most of the time not possible. He needs a gun not only to protect himself but also to protect the others.

There are some disadvantages if a policeman has the gun. He can misuse it whenever feels the need. He can be angry due to certain reasons, which may result in its wrong use. Most importantly his use of gun is dangerous at the public places where there are greater chances of casualties. Hence, the gun in the possession of a policeman can be an issue of insecurity of the people.

On the other hand, the policeman can not ensure security of the people if he is without a gun. If to think rationally, a person without a gun is himself highly insecure. In such a situation how he can protect others. The possession of the gun gives him the confidence to deal with the insecure and dangerous situations. The gun is also the symbol of authority and responsibility. The opposition party also remains under check. The lawbreakers cannot easily break the law. The thief cannot easily steal. The robber can not rob and the murderer can not easily murder. These are the facts that make law enforcing agencies to equip their policemen both with the best and latest weapons. Moreover, well trained, properly educated, and responsible policemen never misuse their weapon.

Keeping these views in mind, one can say that the policemen are more effective when they have with them the weapons. A good weapon in the possession of a responsible and truly professional policeman can alone guarantee the security of the public.

Finally, the role of gun is important so for it carries with it the notion of calculated and measured security. It is not a play thing in the hand of the policeman, which has often been observed.

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