Ok so first up article marketing isn't suitable for everybody, but after you read through the following you may think in a different way. One of the reasons people don't like to use article marketing is because they feel it can be difficult to actually write something, and one other thing individuals are put off by is how time consuming it can be in the beginning. After reading the following you will no doubt see quite clearly the huge benefits of article marketingwill far out weight the challenges you may face that are preventing you from utilising this top strategy.

1. It's completely free. Creating articles is completely free, you don't have to spend a dime other than putting in some time and investigation into your chosen topic. Did you know there are many many individuals who use paid marketing strategies costing them a a lot of money (with minute or no results) when really if they just made the effort to understand how effective article marketing is they would honestly be able to keep alot of their money. Now writing a number of articles and submitting to numerous directories will of course give you a huge increase in traffic to your website. So free articles equal free traffic to your sites.

2. When you have all your links in your articles pointing back to your site the quicker you will move up the google rankings. Why is this significant? it means your website will be easier to locate on the web , more simpler for people who are looking for what you are offering. So you you will have all this traffic and it costs you nothing.

3. Your articles stay forever. Not like PPC and many alternative paid marketing plans after you have completed you articles and put them in the varying article directories they will continue on the internet. Where as paid strategies you discover you have to go in once your funds dry up and reinvest. It's the oppposite with article marketing, your articles will always be on the net permanently.

Many people are put off using article marketing because it appears too hard - but with just a small amount of time researching your subject you can have that article complete and be submitting to a range of directories in no time. That article will continue on the web for ever until you take it down. Now believe me when I tell you this - once you get yourself writing articles and start seeing the results it will bring you will be sorry for not using the article marketing tactic any sooner.

Now as I said earlier the more of those articles you produce the better results you will see. The serious marketers who use articles don't merely submit their articles to various directories- but they also have completely unique versions of those articles submitted to hundreds of article directries. To make the process easier they use software that not only submits their articles to hundreds of different directories on auto pilot, but also spins them into completely unique articles.

Imagine what 1 article spun 300 times and automatically submitted to 300 article directories could do for your business. Now I want you to imagine if you wrote 10 articles, or 20 articles and spun them 300 times and also submitted those to 300 sites - what would that do for your business? I think you know the answer!

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