I'm not sure how many folks enjoy smelling like their favorite stars, but there appears to be a real market in the whole celebrity fragrance thing. Just recently, we've seen the release of two new fragrances that purport to endow you with that good old celebrity stink. While I wouldn't be surprised if it was Miley Cyrus pimping her own fragrance, I find it odd that the perfumes are from two certified celebrity has-beens. What is this world coming to?

Celine Dion's Chic

Yep, who the hell wants to smell like Celine Dion now that she hasn't had a hit in ages, right? I'm thinking the same thing myself but it's apparently good business, considering this is now the irritating singer's sixth fragrance. According to Celine, the fragrance perfectly captures the glamor of fashion and lends it a sophisticated edge, which really doesn't give you any idea how it smells. The new Celine Dion Chic is expected to hit stores in April, right at the end of her current Taking Chances world tour.

Jenna Jameson's Heartbreaker

In the mood to smell like a skanky, nasty drama queen? Why not grab a bottle of Jenna's latest perfume, whose name is derived from the title of one of her famed adult movies. Of course, who the heck will ever want to smell like an aging porn star with a ton of plastic surgery on their face and a has-been ex-UFC champion with an oversized head for a boyfriend?

Honestly, who was the first person to think that it would be a good idea to sell perfumes and colognes based off an individuals celebrity? Unfortunately for everyone else, it has been working. I just don't feel like every celebrity and well known individual out of Hollywood deserves their own fragrance and pushing back the "real quality" fragrances in our retail stores.

What are we going to see next? The Bob Newhart Mothball cologne of the month club? I have no doubt at all that it would be a top seller at the retirement home. I personally recommend you stay as far away from these two fragrances next time you are shopping around for a new scent.

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