Everybody is familiar with this word. Nobody, however, is conscious about the depth of meaning it embodies. We do, perform or take up an activity. We engage in, join in, and participate in an activity. Similarly, we cease, control, co-ordinate, monitor, curb, curtail, and restrict somebody's activities. Moreover, we use different adjectives to refer to different types of activities: Such as, after-school, business, commercial, criminal, cultural, economic, extra-curricular, fundraising, leisure, military ,outdoor, physical ,political , promotional, sexual, social, terrorist activity. In other words, life revolves round the concept of activity.
How can we better understand this concept? By understanding the very nature of activity we are involved in. Simply, it goes like this: greater the activity, greater the results; cheaper the activity, cheaper the results. For instance, an artistic activity is related with the concept of pleasure seeking. The quality of pleasure depends on the level of involvement in the artistic activity on the part of an artist. This sort of activity has an aesthetic worth both for the creator and the admirers of art. Thus, greater the artistic activity, greater the aesthetic pleasure.
It is an acknowledged fact that if we make our activities meaningful we can give direction and attach positive meaning to life. Nevertheless, we must be aware that activities are good or bad, right or wrong, and constructive and destructive. Be watchful!

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