The door in your front yard or your very garage door comprise almost half of what people see in your home when they stand and look from the street. You will agree more to this if you are looking at state of the art garage architecture and engineering. Taking the aesthetic advantage away, an adeptly placed and adequately maintained garage door is safer and will stay longer. Because it is the bulkiest moving appliance in your house, it is a force to be estimated.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a litany of reports related to garage doors like grasped, squeezed and eliminated fingers, squashed pets, and hurt children. Proper installation, operation, maintenance and testing can provide safe, trouble free garage door and opener operation.

If neither is present, call the makers or an installation service person near your place for maintenance and also to get some operation tips. Replacement manuals often can be ordered if the make and model numbers are available. Majority of small repairs, like roller change, can be done by a resourceful do it yourselfer, while a big stuff are reserved to the adept garage door servicer.

The springs and other parts are strongly stressed and may lead to injury when mishandled. Small wheels, elastics, joints and tracks necessitate regular maintenance. The accumulated oil and grease must be cleared from the tracks and rollers with a motor grease thinning agent. Smear the track and the small wheels with spray silicone, light household ail or white lithium grease for a quiet manipulation.

You should always be sure that pivot pins are oiled and nuts and bolts are snugly fit. The uncovered parts of wood or metal should be painted and the condition of the weather stripping should be checked as well as the base of the door which should always be kept dry. For example, a metal door facing southward will swell as the day gets warmer which may call for an adjustment of the track away from the interior of the garage.

Sometimes the door becomes swollen that adjusting the runner will be necessary for it to fit. In cooler and damp weather, the wood will distend, while it shrinks during dry and hot weather. Have this in mind every time you make adjustments to the track. You will find several garage doors that come with a lock bark. You will not have trouble locking a door that has its lock bark correctly attached into the strike opening. When the sliding is not smooth through the bracket, release the screws attaching it to the door and make necessary adjustment before retightening the screws.

Schedule an assessment for the door balance and start it with the door closed. Cut off the automatic opener release mechanism and try maneuvering the door on your own. The lowest point it can remain open should be about 3 to 4 inches measuring from the floor. If it fails to do so, it is out of balance and you need a professional to fix it.

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