There are a lot of motorcycle manufacturers in India; competing each other on the basis of quality of motor cycles and the price of the motor cycle. Bajaj auto is one of the leading names in these manufacturers. They have recently introduced their new motorbike model Bajaj Platina. This new byke model of Bajaj auto has become very popular due to its high quality performance. They are producing the Platina with two types of engine: one is 100 cc while other is 125 cc. Bajaj Auto introduced its 100 cc model in April 2006 at the price of Rs.35000.

Huge reception

Bajaj Platina in eight months after the launch crossed the sale of 500000 units. In September 2008 the company introduced its new model Platinum 125 DTS-Si. This model also got great fame among the masses. Its fame can be estimated by this fact that the sale of Platinum 125 DTS-Si is more than 30000 units per month.

Other features

Bajaj Platina is available in a variety of colors. Mirrors, levers and grip of this motor bike are outstanding as compared to the other motorbikes available in the market. Its accessories have the finest quality. Now I would like to discuss a few features of its Engine and the performance of its engine.

The engine performance:

Engine of the 100 cc model comes with the single-cylinder, four-stroke with the 99.27 cc engine. The engine provides a great performance for its riders. At 7500 rpm, the motorbike generates a power of 8.2bhp and at the 4500 rpm it generates the 0.82 kgm of torque. Platina comprises of the world class Torque Expansion Chamber technology for the exhaust system. Platina provides the best mileage while driving. Bajaj 70 cc bike can cover a distance of 70 kilometer per liter while driving in the city but when you will drive the 70cc motorbike model on Highways you will get the extra mileage of 10 kilometer per liter.

Unique features of the bike

The cooling type for the engine is Neutral air cooling. It provides the transmission Constant Mesh type transmission. The motorbike comprises of the 12V AC+ DC Battery. The tyres are outstanding with respect to the grip, drive and the quality. Size of front tyre is 2.75*17", 41 P while the size for the rear tyre is 3.00*17", 50 P. Fuel is an essential factor while driving on the journey we can say a perfect motor bike is that which has the maximum capacity of carrying fuel in its tank. The tank of this vehicle has a capacity to carry 13.0 liter fuel with 2 liter of reserve, which facilitates you while driving on a long journey.

The overall length of the bike is 190mm and its overall height is 1090 mm. Total width is 770 mm with the wheel base of 1275 mm. The kerb weight of this wonderful motorbike is 113 kilograms. If you want to purchase a quality motor bike at an affordable price then the Bajaj Platina is the best option for you. Its price is 37500 in Mumbai, which is very low as compared to the durability and the qualities that it provides.

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