What is life
Life is different for different people.
For some who are born poor and die poor , their opinion about life is something fully based upon their experiences. Again , even among this category , there may be few , who moved places and had different experiences and accordingly their version about life is defined by them.

If we take an industrialist , who had started from scratch and grown very rich, he may have his share of information and knowledge to tell us.

Most of us , even to read this sort of articles about life and how to live better and enjoy life , do it at different stages of life.

Based on my experience in life, wants to share about the different aspects of life at different stages of the same.

As a teenager , when we generally start reading and observing more and trying to know the world and to decide the way we want our life to be led , we are inquisitive to know about the changes happening in our body. We are attracted to the opposite sex. Based on our background and way of upbringing , our approach varies. Some are able to discuss freely and share the knowledge about sex love marriage work job etc and update ourselves and try to learn the best way of life.

Few preliminary requirements for life - money, relations, friends, knowledge both for doing the work and for living better etc.
From teenage to marriage , if we can get the requisite knowledge , we can lead a prosperous life.

NOW discussing about sex particularly , it is basically a natural urge. We are all animals , but living with a sense of duty and responsibility and following a code of conduct. We call it as culture. This culture varies from country to country , based on the growth of civilizations.
Basically sex is meant for reproduction , but we use it more as a tool for entertainment. One reason could be we cannot fully avoid sex, but due to population growth and due to cultural changes, we tend to avoid childbirth. So the necessity makes us to use condoms pills etc and try to enjoy sex fully without creating a child.

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