"Word of experts" you read the first issue there is not time, is led by top players in the first Guid wars, and thought, written in the context of a comparison and translation Knowledge GW1 players towards what we know about GW2.

"Word of Gamers", it is written by leading players in the world of MMOs generally. For example the first issue was written by the players association "Origins Online, known for its active and remarkable in many MMOs.
These players will give us their vision of GW2 gold, what they think of the future game, reading the news does come out, comparing their experience with other MMOs.

"Word of Gamers, based on the existing MMO, will be a complementary perspective to" Word of Experts ", which relies on knowledge of GW1!

Go read the first number referring to the warrior, and do not hesitate to start the debate!
Guild Wars 2 gives us the Ranger; NCsoft and ArenaNet we provide details about the Ranger class.
With Guild Wars 2, no question of departing from the beaten track as one will find many unique abilities to Rangers, starting with allowing an animal to tame. However, just to spice up the adventure, many unusual creatures can be tamed, including a shark. In terms of the attack, the Ranger has the ability to place many traps in the combat zone, to stop the opponents but also to modify the elements. Many videos are already available on the official website, the delight of fans of this class apart. The release of Guild Wars 2 is still wedged in 2011 on PC only.

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