Leaders are not born they are made. This is true but leaders are the people with different qualities. They come up with differentiation then others. It's not only getting name as leader but to do things like leader is called as leader. There are few qualities in them which make them to call or name as leader among a group of people. The leaders can be from any field Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Social service, Friends, Colleagues and so on. But the qualities remain same. To go more into the qualities we can define as

1. Responsibility: A leader always has responsibility about the team and members. They always take care of the works to complete on time. They take responsibility for wins and even for loss. They are the people who come forward on the behalf of the whole group or team to lead. They go for everything which makes their team proud. To get name leaders sacrifice everything and work with responsibility.

2. Dedication/Commitment: This is the quality makes the people to turn as a leader. They do the work with dedication, till the work finishes they do not go for anything else. They always commit themselves to work hard and dedicatedly so that they can best out of that.

3. Result Oriented: The leader is always a person looks at results. They look at targets to achieve. They plan accordingly and achieve the success rate. Leaders work everything on plan to get the results out of that. Not only they do but also make the team to work with them.

4. Clear Vision: They define the Vision very clearly to themselves as well as for the team. They make the toughest vision to look simpler. They make the team members aware of their aim and vision so that they can achieve it easily.

5. Innovation: Leaders find new ways or Innovative ways to finish the things on time. They search and work on options to have innovative things on board. They do things differently which makes them to find Innovative things. At the present scenario innovation works well.

6. Motivation: They motivate the team members with different plans and activities. They know well about the members and make them comfort to do the work. They motivate them on each issues raised and solve them well. They motivate the team to perform well than others.

7. Analytical Capability: The leaders have analytical capabilities, which make them to think of the market and competitors. They can do a better analysis for the planning and perform accordingly. The analysis increases their problem solving capabilities and makes them to perform under pressure environment.

8. Strategies: Leaders do have better strategies to complete the things. They take care of each scenario of the market and work accordingly with their plans. This happens mostly with the business leaders. They look at the market and study it well for the application of different strategies

9. Hard work / Sacrifice: Hard work and sacrifice are the two things which are closely related. Hard work needs to sacrifice lot of things in parallel. Leaders do sacrifice a lot and work very hard to achieve their dreams and to make their team proud for that. Sincerity and honesty in the work pays them in terms of results. Hence leaders are the people with different attitude and behavior.

10. Attitude / behavior: The attitude of leaders differs from others. Their attitude is always like go getters or winners. They always look the things in different manner then a common team member. They develop attitude according to that which will not hurt anyone but get the results out of their performance.

Hence leaving this behind there some of the qualities such as Honesty, Sincerity, Time management, managing things, support, tactics, work with common sense, team player, retaining and working under pressure makes the person a leader. There are people like Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Abdul kalam, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Yash Chopra, Amitabh Bachan, lead in their respective fields . Hence these are the few qualities which makes the person to call or name as leaders.

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