There must be an enhanced mindset of the persons to have an understanding of talents among individuals. Talents may be considered as the god gifts which separates any specific individual from the gathering. Any of the person cannot become talented by birth but it actually appears after the kind guidance and culture provided to them from their family. It can simply be understood from a simple example that the raw soil cannot hold the figure of a nice pot without the deep sincerity and labour of pot maker. It similarly holds in the case of any small child which are also like the raw soil during start up but after providing him all the necessary cultures from the family and schools, he starts getting the figure of a matured and talented personality and ultimately becomes an icon to finally separate himself from the gathering.

India is a country full of talents where the talented individuals from all over the country are continuously in demand in the foreign countries also. The overseas companies involved in production and manufacturing of several specific products use to pick up the meritorious and talented individuals from India providing them a handsome salary package and standard life styles. The people who are skilled in every aspects opt to move abroad without any hesitation because their specific talents are not properly cashed in his own country. Some of the students who have recently completed their degree also opts to serve in the foreign countries only without any specific experience in the desired area. This also sometimes leads them to the failure in the form of sudden termination from the company due to lack of suitable experience. Ultimately, they are flooded in the storm of inferiority. Hence, frequently selecting the option to move abroad and start doing jobs in the darkness of uncertainty can be overcome if any of the individual is nicely talented in his specific field.

The people specially the students inside this country must be patriotic in the sense that they must prepare themselves nicely for getting a government job instead of working in the private firms. A deep routed strength to work for the country must be there inside the mind of the students so that their specific talents may be cashed for their own country and not for the foreign countries. Any particular individual who is properly skilled and educated has a feeling of self confidence which ultimately moves them to the apex point of success. Hence, the ultimate theme is totally concentrated to the encouragement and proper identification of talents inside the people of the country. Promotion of talents must be done at any cost by the parents, guardians and teachers so that the talents can get a golden opportunity to flourish in the wide sky of success. We would have been unable to witness the talent of several great personalities and celebrities if their talents have not been properly promoted by their teachers and guardians. We would have been unable to witness the talents of the great personalities including Swami Vivekananda, great cricketer named Sachin Tendulkar, first lady IPS of India named Kiran Bedi, great scientist famously known as Missile man named Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam etc to name a few. All of the mentioned personalities were like the raw soil only at the very beginning but the proper identification and promotion of their talents continuously lead to them to the apex point of success.

It can be frequently concluded that there must be a broad mentality of the persons to understand and promote the talents without any hesitation and feel a lot proud in the sense of their valuable contribution for the development and empowerment of the country.

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