How You Are Missing Valuable Commissions Every Single Day You Promote Online:

It's no surprise, there are tons of people online that are creating a fortune in email marketing. However, one of the most of the essence things that I spot in many promoters, even skilled ones, is that they are not appropriately shielding, or protecting their referral links to the referral programs that they are advertising. This is a very good method of how to actually waste commissions, or signups in the programs that you are marketing on a daily basis.

Tip #1: When Advertising A Referral Based Program, Mask Your Referral Links

This is an extremely important part in advertising online. A good deal too many situations do I see random individuals, my members, and even certified marketers that are not masking their affiliate links. What the largest part of these advertisers, even the smartest ones moreover aren't thinking about, or can't be bothered about the truth that there are many of people online that do not want to see you accomplish something, or even profit from something that they are purchasing.

For illustration, let's just say you were promoting Affiliate Program XYZ, and your affiliate link looked something like:

Now that link above does not actually go to a specific website, but I just want you to see something from a prospect's stand point. When someone sees a link like the example above, they will just trim off the affiliate link, and go directly to the main web page.


In simple terms, because you've prearranged them motivation to.

There is no rhyme or reason why people do this, aside from the fact that they do not want you to make a sale on something that they've decided to purchase. Now because you've selected to foolishly promote your affiliate program with an exact referral link, this has ruined your ability of gaining any kind of sale, or signup from this action.

By actually cloaking your referral links with simple short url services such as tinyurl, budurl, itshrunk, and many others, you are in fact eliminating the power of that prospect to cheat you out of your hard earned commission.

After all, how will they be able to chop your link off if it's been cloaked? It's absolutely unattainable, thus this protects your commissions, and your signups.

Tip #2: Be Creative, Exploit Anything Obtainable To You

There are a lot of ways that you can cloak your links to safeguard your affiliate programs. However one very significant thing in email marketing is your branding. If you are promoting an affiliate link, or a concealed link, there are tons of people that won't take you sincerely as a certified marketer online.

One of the finest, and lowest forms of branding is to in reality pay for a domain name that relates an individual product or program that you are advertising.

It looks much more professional when you are essentially promoting a top level domain, instead of your prospects seeing an referral link, or even a masked link.

There are two places that I highly recommend for an amount of reasons to buy domain names. Equally have pros and cons.

Namecheap - Namecheap is a brilliant service, one that I use most frequently when purchasing domains. They are very speedy to use, and very inexpensive. Their consumer service is without comparison, and they are very responsive. However the one gripe I have with their service is that when you forward your domain with your affiliate link, you can't cloak it. Which entirely means that you are concealing your affiliate link, because the domain settings itself doesn't permit the domain to be make known of the forwarded referral link. Other than that, I very much suggest this service if you plan to run a system based on email marketing, or mass email production, if you get a spam condition you won't be shut down directly by namecheap.

GoDaddy - Godaddy is also a fantastic service. The one foremost thing that I am fond of about GoDaddy is that you in fact can use domain forwarding with masking capability, which means that when you are marketing your website, you by no means see the affiliate link that is being forwarded, not like Namecheap. Yet, with every domain service, there is at all times something that you can complain about. The one major complaint I have with GoDaddy is, if you are using them for any email marketing site, or mass email production site, and you do gather a spam complaint, GoDaddy will not hesitate in shutting your site down, even before they talk to you to find out if the complaint is suitable or not.

So just be sensible when you are picking out domain registrars, if you decide this is the style of cloaking you desire to do online.

Ending Consideration:

When masking your links properly, no matter what style of email marketing, or any particular promotions you are doing, it is certainly very important for you to mask your links, and safeguard your sales, as well as your power to signup members. Take into account, there are a lot of individuals that do not want to see you profit from something that they pay for online, that you are marketing to them. So always make surely that you are masking your links with any style of tracking or short url service.

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