Sensy Chocolate was founded by Dr. Anas A Khalaf most commonly known as Dr. K. in May 2009, at the time of writing this review Sensy Chocolate was still in its pre-launch stage and there were just about three to four hundred distributors on the books. The formal launch of Sensy Chocolate is planned for the September 2010 time frame.

Dr. K is a 30 year veteran of the alternative health industry and top chiropractor he also has great experience in the mlm industry and Achived great success in several well known companies in the industry. His success in the network marketing business allowed Dr. K. to retire from 6 clinics, 60 employees and 5 other corporation to concentrate on what he really wants to do.

I was fortunate to meet with Dr. K during his recent visit to California and get to know first hand about his plans for Sensy Chocolate. I was impressed with his passion and dedication to the company mission and the people that are involved in the network marketing efforts of the company. One of Dr. K's missions is to sponsor schools arround the world and he mentioned that a percentage of the company's profits are going to that goal.

The Product

Dr. Khataf says that the product has amazing health benefits and a reduced appetite effect when eating the chocolate. The company's website has a great deal of data about this and it appears to be very well document .d. One thing that caught my eye was the anti oxidant numbers, the organic nature of the ingredients and the fact that it is sugarless and despite all that actually tastes actually good. Yes I did tast it

There is one simple prodcut and most people will be able to understand its benefits without difficult which is an advantage because you can replicate your self in a simple matter which is critical for growth in a network marketing company.

Getting Recruites and Sales

Each independent rep recieves a corporate replicated website with their information which allows them to market the Chocolate online as well as recruited new distributors. The site provided is a simple one which is sufficient and has the data one would expect about the product, company and compensation plan. The company employes cookies to track visitors and give credit to the appropriate distributor. I checked it in several ways and discoverd it to be working in a sufficient matter although could use some improvements.

One thing I did not like is that you are able get the product directly on the company website rather than sending the prospect back to the independent distributor that sent you there. At the time of writing this article the founder stated his tech team will repair this and remove the purchase option from the main corporate website. As for recruiting new distributors that is not possible on the company website and it does refer you back to the rep who showed you to Sensy Chocolate.

It would appear that the company is focusing its efforts on offline marketing namely friend, family and home meetings. If you have been involved in network marketing before and tried the friends and family rout without success there are other options for you. Visit my blog for details and training about how to market your network marketing business online.

Getting Paid

There is a good explanation of the compensation plan on the company website with a document that details the compensation plan so I will not detail it here.

To become a distributor for Sensy Chocolate you have to pay an initial investment that can range from $300 to $5000 a number of options are available and signup for a monthly auto ship that is either $40, $60 or $80 per month.

The company will pay you a small fee for sponsoring new independent reps which ranges between 10% to 5% of the initial investment of the new distributor up to 3 levels down. This will probably not be much unless you bring aboard a lot fof reps but will probably cover your auto ship for a few months.

You can earn residual commission on Chocolate orders of people in your downline up to 8 levels deep but it is conditioned on increasing your personal auto ship and specific team production requirements. It is stated that you need to have a minimum of 5 customers ordering on a continues basis to get commissions. This point is unclear in the company presentation.

Final Words

One advantage the company has is the simplicity of its product which can be understood by most prospects and this will allow the business plan to easily duplicate and grow. This is also a concern because the large retailers can copy it and in most cases for a much lower price. This is obviously a possible pit fall for a single product company although the chance of the major retailers getting into the space at this stage of the game is very small so there is a very good opportunity so early in the game.

As always, there is a great potential in pre launch companies but the big question is will it be arround in a few years and become a player that will leave a serious mark in the space. Many new NM companies go out of business fairly fast but if you get involved early enough in a company that does survive and continues to great things in the the very beginning stages you can expect massive success in the years to come.

About Author / Additional Info:
Gershon Yakir is an expert in teaching people how to build their businesses on the internet and dominate the search engines.