It is almost two years since i met my mother. Since my work location was far away from her place and she was not comfortable to come and stay with me due to the climatic conditions , she could not come and meet me. Since my work also kept me really busy with frequent travels away from my work location , but not near to my mother's place, and since work pressure was more for me to take a break even for a few days , could not meet her.

Of course with technological advance , was able to get in touch with her , almost once in a week and with Skype and imo , was able to do voice and video chat . So almost got a near view and interaction to the satisfaction of both.

But when we met, this time and it happened that we were not disturbed for a day , by other calls or visits by others, could relive the past times.

She was recollecting , how she used to walk for five kilometres to go to school and walk the same distance , back. Also how getting money in hand , was a rare experience. But it never mattered , as she was getting what is required in a day to day basis of essentials viz food, clothes etc.

She has studied upto eighth standard , but her standard of study was so good ,She spend four hours a day reading newspapers and slokas. She reads bagvat gita , narayaneeyam and bhgavatham. She knows english as well as hindi and sanskrit. She also plays sudoku and completes the four sudoku puzzles in the two newspapers.

Then she recites slouches known to her by heart for about two hours.

She involves in kitchen work as well and spends with the kids , both telling stories as well as teaching them their class lessons.

She was discussing , how she used to grind everything using manual machines , from coffee powder to chutney to sambhar curry to rice flour. They were so much used to sit on the floor to do all the work. Also they used to prepare dry disk of chanaam ( the cow dung mixed with hay , made into balls and/or flat discs). They also used to stand for hours and grind wheat etc.

She was recalling her times , when eating outside was only on festive occasions , when the villagers met and that tim also , it was almost a home made food and no menu cards were given and the diet was fixed. Though the time was fixed, it was a always variety in terms of both the items and the taste.

She was also recollecting how the leisure time was spent during her days, when she learnt sewing, making dolls out of paper and cloth, ; how they played pandi (a game of moving with one leg over a pattern of squares without touching the sides of the squares) ; swings made of coconut leaves ;
How they had a great time walking all the way from home to the river to get water , as well as take a leisurely bath and also have a great time swimming in the river. There was no fear of cameras catching photos . Of course the thrill of people making fun on the way , as well as sometimes animals on the way creating panic was there.

She used to go to temples both in the morning and evening ; walk around the temple spending a leisurely time which helped in relaxing as well as fulfilling a part of the required regular exercise.
In the temple , they used to compete in lighting maximum number of lamps. It itself created a lot of satisfaction in them both in terms of serving the god and the temple, as well as lighting every lamp using the stick , without spilling the oil and without spoiling the clothes , give immense pleasure.

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