The earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the tiny nation of Japan brings to once again reminders of nature's powers and man's resilience. This tiny nation of nearly 30 million people is one that has experienced one of the worst man-made disasters over six decades ago when the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were burnt to ashes by the atomic bombs dropped by the US. It is with great resilience and perseverance that the citizens built up their country after this devastation and moulded it into a strong economy and created better living conditions.

So, it was with horror and anguish that the world watched as Japan trembled and was covered with tall waves. Despite taking as many precautions as possible to cause little damage in the seismic prone country, the loss that Japan will incur due to the wrath of nature will take months to be replaced. But like they bounced back after being trounced in World War II, Japanese will soon be on their foot to emerge from this loss and build up new lives.

This is what every disaster teaches us. This is what every bad phase in life urges us to do. The will to emerge from the debris and walk further is what is determination and courage. Every calamity pushes us to the wall, making our going tough, but it is only the brave and the strong-hearted who can turn the tides. It is indeed a difficult situation to see all your life's earning washed away by the water and the prospect of starting life from scratch can be scary. But many people all over the world have done it successfully.

Words are easily said or written but those who have to perform the act know the enormity and difficulty of the task at hand. The Japanese people struck with the triple disasters of an earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear radiation in addition in billions of dollar losses have a tough job at hand. But the mountain to be climbed is not an impossible one and the Japanese people know it better than anyone else. As the world watches and offers a helping hand to rebuild this island nation and also prevent a global economic meltdown, let us offer a silent prayer for the victims, to give them eternal peace, and also for the survivors, to give them strength and endurance.

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