What Poetry is and what love is
Do you know poetry is a love affair between you and me? Yes, it is. But how? Think of an image used by the poet and the feeling that it expresses instantaly. Let me speak of Romeo when he exprsses his love of Juliet: 'She doth teach the torches to burn bright/She hangs upon the cheeks of night'. This is an aweaspiring feeling, the lover hits you and me.
Poetry is all about feeling about something and expressing it. The lips meet and depart leaving behind the flame of warmth that soon fades and is ice cold. The image, the peotic image, stores, preserves, and keeps alive the buring passion forever. No waste.
The images are often saltish but buttered pop corns both sweet smelling and sweet tasting. Though their germination is enigmatic , their worth quite known. Let him/her come closer, but find the right image to express yourself. Look at it another way. The image is always common. For we are common. The feeling is not common. It is the life of an image.
Don't mind, but you agree. We are lost in the world of images. The paradise lost. The colourful images and the verticle and the flat images, but hollow. I sit by the windmill and think of you. I feel you not in its rotations but in its sound. You are not a fixed image nor a rotation but a sound. It is soothing, it is an unuttered harmony. I coul d never dream of it without the feeling of love. Poetry is a love affair between you and me. You the image I the feeling, I the image you the feeling.

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