Are Pazhassi Rajas extinct
History is a vast ocean of treasure. The deeper one digs the more knowledge one derives. Present generation should be grateful to the historians and writers of past who have captured the pictures of life and rule of kings either by words or writings unlike the present hi-tech measures prevalent, which can even take us to space though we are in our room. History read with utmost interest is like that of a fiction novel giving rise to goose bumps or increased heart beats, even to heaving up of deep sighs with complete satisfaction like that of a Negotiator. If we re-read the events of interest in history we feel that we should definitely put up a note, expressing regret or consolation to the extinct souls of those who had lived once in our land and struggled not just for their own private selfish needs but for the sake of the fellow men. Why the feeling of regret and remorse? The fact reveals that most of the downfall, death and defeat of the Valliant rulers are due to the treachery, slyness or greed for power and wealth by their own kith and kin.

It's really amazing to note that during the time of Pazhassi Raja of Kerala, who was not even the actual ruler (he was succeeded by elder brothers) there was unity even among the different creed of people like the Nayars, Kurichias and Kurumbas. Was it not that feature which made the raja to withstand the British conquering nearly for a decade? The Britishers well equipped with arms and armaments had to accept several defeats against their revolt with the Pazhassi group who were fighting with primitive weapons like bow and arrow, sword, spear etc. The raja was intelligent to guess that the direct fight with these weapons and his own folk will not hold even for a day. Hence he adopted the guerrilla warfare and support of the different creed. The most highlighted aspect is that the primitive tribes were AWARE of the king's nobleness and royalty and stood firm to fight until death. Yet the Britishers defeated the Raja. As they cunningly guessed that tempting his own family members with position and wealth will weaken the force and pave way for defeat. When one by one of the king's folk left due to threats, cruelty, and harassment of the foreign invaders and even when his own uncles and nephews stood with the alien rulers Pazhassi fought valiantly taking refuge in the forest even thanking the unfavorable climate and not showing any remorse attitude to the tribes who left him due to threats of Britishers.

Are any more Pazhassis left back to lead the nation or is there is only treachery lingering. Later is inherent No doubt! Not just in Kerala but in our beloved country highlighting incidents like assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi and so on. The bitter fact is that treachery among kith and kin is still continuing. The disappointing fact is that, there is no more unity among the different creeds. Let it be of the high class or of the lowest. Disputes arose as to who will cremate the body of the Church Head. And it has degenerated even to the level of misuse of funds allotted to the tribal class for the purchase of cattle, poultry etc and the Head of such group reflects the character of those who stood for the alien invaders. When our country is boasting of religious integrity, unity, democracy and so on many forget that they are in their post due to certain lenient policies of the government for their upliftment. Yet they misuse their rights and privileges' blocking the path of those who try to serve without vice. Are they UNAWARE of this. If things go like this within no time our country can collapse without any foreign invasion but with the fight between different religious groups, political parties, caste and creed making Pazhassis extinct forever.

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