Boredom at work

Sometimes we wonder , whether we have gone in the right track in choosing our career or our education.
It happened with my colleague. One fine day , he went into a great mood and was fighting with almost everybody he met.
He generally is a cool person and this sudden change made every body wonder , what has gone wrong with him all of a sudden.
Since he is close to me to some extent , asked him to relax and took him for a cup of coffee.

Asked him , any health issue is the reason for his sudden mood swing .
He said , he has been controlling himself for the last thirty years, since his school days and keeping the thoughts/feelings regarding his education /career with him.

He wanted to take economics group in school in eleventh standard , but his parents were wanting him to take science group and become an engineer. He tried in vain to justify to them that he wants to study economics and work in the banking sector. They almost bullied him to agree to their view. So he joined the science stream and somehow managed to get an engineering degree in electrical and electronics .

Then he wanted to join the core companies to work in his field of study. But since core companies were less , it was difficult to get a job of his liking and also his parents wanted him to work in their hometown only. So he was forced to work in the IT field , that too in BPO , working in shifts. Though he was very much reluctant to join , his parents forced him again , telling him that he cannot remain jobless for too long. When he told them he will join in a core company in another town, they told in the negative as they wanted him to be with them and they were not ready to move out of their hometown .

In the IT industry , he did try to do his best , but with the work pressure being too high , particularly , because he has reached a higher position now , he said . it was beyond his comprehension to hold the pressure and that is the reason for his outburst , after all these years of controlling his mind.

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