There are many reasons for the puffiness that you have in your eyes. Some of the reasons for the puffiness in the eyes are listed in this article. There are also methods of removing the puffiness that are listed here. Puffiness under the eyes is the swelling that people usually have under their eyes. This puffiness is usually associated with the sleeplessness that people have. There are some who have dark circles under their eyes. These dark circles signify that the person has not slept properly. Dark circles are similar in nature.

Reasons for eye puffiness and methods of preventing them

1. Fluid collection:

There is a lot of fluid in our body and the collection of this fluid under the eyes can be the main cause of the puffiness under the eyes. The fluid can be the water content in the body or it can also at times, be the venous system malfunction in the body that allows the venous return to decrease and allow he fluid to stay in various parts of the body and also under the eyes.

2. Chemicals:

There are many people who use different kinds of chemicals directly and indirectly on the face. All these can cause the person to have puffiness in the face. The chemicals act against the skin and cause the skin to become swollen up. This cause of puffiness is seen very commonly in women than in men because women use a lot of chemicals on their face through the make up that they apply in their faces.

Methods of removing eye puffiness:

There are various methods that can be sued to remove the puffiness that is present under the eyes too. These methods are as follows.

1. Water intake:

The water that you consume should be limited just before you sleep and after you get up from sleep, you have to drink more water and this is the best method of making sure that you have very less puffiness under your eyes.

2. Pillows:

This might seem silly, but if you have a pillow under your head, then it helps to decrease the puffiness under the eyes. In fact, if you want the effect to be more pronounced, then you have to make sure that you have two pillows and the effect will increase dramatically.

3. Removal of make up:

Another important method that you can use to make sure that you do not have any kind of puffiness under the eyes is to remove the make up that was applied. The removal of the make up should be complete. This will ensure that there are no signs of puffiness under the eyes.

If you have puffiness under your eyes in spite of all the methods that have been followed, then you should make sure that you apply cold compress in the area under your eyes. The cold compression will help to remove the fluid from under the eyes and will cause you to have very less or no puffiness under the eyes.

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