Being owner of any business you must realize the importance of many aspects that should be managed properly in order to ensure success. Out of so many aspects corporate reputation is one that needs to be managed properly; however it is often most neglected aspects by many companies. Managing corporate reputation issues is directly related to company's success. If people think companies as reputed only then will they consider doing business with them and only then companies will be able to earn profits. Getting involved with the issues of reputation management is not an easy task at all. Yet, the matter requires focusing on an in-depth analyzed plan, in order to enhance the corporate reputation in market. Corporate reputation can bring profits for any company.

There are many approaches to managing corporate reputation and change management is one of them. Change management is an approach appearing so systematic to be able to deal with any aimed change, whether from the corporation perspective or via looking at the concerned individual level. The corporation change management should take into consideration both the tools and the processes taken by managers at all business standards.

Then there is communication process which should be focused on in order to ensure successful corporate reputation management. Any successful communication process must focus on four basic elements, i.e. database of customers, communication strategies, tactics followed, and result evaluation.

The first step begins with gathering the database of the targeted customers. It can be done by following the technical methods in discovering the habits of customers along with their preferred tastes. Surveys can be conducted to realize this point successfully. Using modern technology in gathering and analyzing the database can help in this regard. These new techniques of gathering and analyzing data will help ensure accurate information and proper analysis. Consequently, it will be easier for the corporation to formulate its strategy. Remember, good strategy means worthy actions on company's part which will further enhance corporate reputation.

When we talk about communication strategies, crisis communication is one of the most important aspects. Managing the communication and having a proper strategy for that during crisis will keep corporate reputation intact. If there are any loopholes identified in the communication processes or any other matters related to corporate reputation proper tactics should be applied and worked on to ensure successful corporate reputation management. If the communication strategies fail to handle crisis situation properly no other thing could damage corporate reputation more than this. Therefore it is important to ensure that effective communication strategies are in place to handle crisis situations properly.

Other than the above mentioned two important aspects of corporate reputation management there are so many other things a corporation should keep an eye on like processing and managing information properly etc. Companies should try to do their best efforts to strengthen their brands which will in turn help them obtain many advantages over their competitors. This edge over competitors will help gain maximum profits by acquiring maximum market share.

So, any successful corporation should focus on the reputation management, which according to Hannington (2004) refers to this smart process of tracking the actions of the corporation along with getting involved with the opinions of the concerned parties, such as customers and stockholders regarding the recent conduct of business. In fact, applying such a way of management could demonstrate many benefits involved, especially from the communication, such as promoting the products or services of the corporation, focusing on the resulted information from certain conducted surveys, in order to get the best relationship between the corporation and its customers.

Once the shareholders of the company feels closely bond to the corporation, there will be a positive outcome for the company. Not only will the company be able to earn profits for a specific time period but it will also help the company ensure good earning ratio for a long period of time. This is because same as it takes time to earn reputation it will take time to manage it and once managed it will give profits for a longer period of time. Thus it is clear that managing corporate reputation will ensure profits for the company for a longer period of time.

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