HAve seen a major shift , particularly due to the advent of television , mobile and satellite etc , the various forms of communication. Earlier , we were only knowing about the communication through word of mouth . Then came by writing on paper etc. With writing technology , the communication of information really widened . Then followed what we are experiencing today , viz more of communication through mechanical devices and less of direct interactions between people.

OF course these media are useful for sharing one's issues in a platform and learn from the other's experience, not just locally , but from a wider network, which covers almost the entire world.

But the problem is that , when we were discussing issues locally , we had solutions that were more perfect. The reason is , the problems may be differently handled by different people of the world , based on their climate, cultural background etc. SO sometimes the solution a country is using may not fit for another country's citizen.

Of course there could be some technology issues , which could be common for most of the citizens of the world. That is the main reason, we are able to carry the technology to far off places.

The internet does play a very vital role. In fact with the internet and a laptop or mobile, one can spend the entire time an do all the activities.
Games are playing a big role nowadays , since the basic things in life viz food, cloth and shelter are being taken care of and may persons have time and money in their hands and they are on the lookout for new things or new ways to spend time money and energy.

environmental issues arils discussed at length due to the technological changes, but the funny aspect is most of these environmental discussions themselves , for example, summits , create more environmental issues by disturbing the ecosystem.

another area in life to discuss is the emotional issues. Wants and needs . we all may get what we want , if we are clear about what exactly we want and also know the best method of getting it. For example , there are few, who have trained themselves to steal, cheat and get what they want. They may realise at some point of time , the problems that route , create for them , but may not be ready or able to change the course of actions. This could be due to the audacity or improper guidance from their friends.

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