Literacy -that is the keyword now. We learn and learn and then learn to live and choose the way of life based on our lessons learnt.
We get information from various sources viz newspapers , magazines, books , by audio discourses, undertaking courses on different subjects etc. The medium can be physical viz papers or direct audio with speakers with us or the entire things can be from web.

Irrespective of the medium , the information obtained is so much and from so many sources that unless our brain is trained to use the information effectively , the information got may not be of much use.
Let us see a few of the sources in detail . Web is a very big platform and encompasses almost everything. Only thing lacking may be the personal touch. Even that is made up by technology in that the speaker from web can see us and interactively talk , may be not physically near , but through the web camera and we both get a feeling of being across the table and discussing. There are also interactive games with players around the world joining and playing , though they are in different time zones , for example the bridge game of cards. Even if we do not have somebody to spent time with us physically nearby , with the world wide web around and the above examples , we can never feel alone.
Newspapers are another source of wide variety of information. We can choose from religious topics, to sports to politics to day- to-day happenings in and around our city, state, country etc. The editorial for example can be an excellent way of reading the analysis of events and also update our language skills. Again newspapers cover comic strips, daily weather forecast , Sudoku and other time pass brain teasers, crosswords ,information regarding gardening tips, recipes, beauty tips etc . The list is actually endless. We can spend a full four hours reading and updating and relaxing ourselves.
In fact online courses are so much useful and friendly that without moving from our home , except for the short interactive sessions, we can get degrees from far off universities . We need not travel much, no need to get adjusted to the climatic and food changes And also we save a lot of money of accommodation etc in the distant land. Of course , if one has decided to relocate in another country, then going and studying in that location may be helpful , particularly to get to know the culture and language of that place and settle smoothly there.

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