My Fiftieth Birthday was celebrated with colours. Distant calls, Messages, Crowding colloquies and children filled the day. Finally at dusk when I sat down to reminiscence the day's event an astonishing thing happened which made me write this poem. I want the readers to experience the feel.


It was my birthday, Celebration.
Morn till dusk, joyous expression.
Completion of half century,
Mile stone, Matured, Fruitful Fifty
Spouse, Siblings spilled loving wishes,
Kith and kin poured their blessings,
Colloquies and classmates linked the string,
Even childhood pals made a ring.

Innumerable wises through internet flow,
Pictures of cakes and candles did glow,
Though strangers settled far away,
Allied to wish the day, merry way.

Cash gifts from family to boost fun,
Colour wraps from friends to adorn,
Butter scotch cake boosted the day,
Birthday rhyme by kids jingled the way.

Sun went down only memories stood still,
Slowly strode the 19 years old boy at will,
Placed a pack upon my lap and paused,
Softly whispered "Happy Birthday Mummy"
North Indian is he, camps in a corner,
Shabby sheet cover, roof improper
Alien mother tongue, we talk less,
Whenever he comes to work tidbits,
He plays with my pup, cleans my car,
Manures my plants, waters them all,
Never takes payment, just one plea
To let him call me "Mummy"
The brocade sari he bought for me,
With wages he earned in scourging sun,
Carrying boulders cement and bricks,
As much as his little hands could clutch.

I gently held the sweat -earned gift amazed,
Rebuked for spending money in haste,
When I said it's the greatest Golden Gift
Tears trickled down from face un -lift .


Jacintha Morris
Sr. Accountant
AG's Office
Kerala State

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