To you always do not carry? And you never thought what to it incorrectly picked up color of wall-paper or not threadbare table can be fault? For achievement of vital harmony the Feng-shui offers the original way.
Both positive, and his environment of dwelling can render negative attention to the person is has been noticed still in the very ancient time. The Feng-shui is an ancient science about harmony between the person and the world surrounding it. This harmony will help us to become the present mistresses in the house.

The First Step. Get a pet
For maintenance of positive power streams in the house it is necessary to get a pet.
The best pet on Feng-shui is Turtle. Armor-clad bring in the house stability. However, it is possible also a frog who under the legend protects from dangers and troubles. The tiger symbolizes a feminine; therefore it is logical to woman to get to itself a tiger in the form of a cat.

The Second Step. Look narrowly at a hall and an entrance door
Any apartment begins with a door, and so if the door is at a ladder or at its top, it is necessary to hang up a mirror of the average sizes to reflect negative energy.
The same reception can be used, if doors are in apartment the friend opposite to the friend. Still it is possible to hang up hand bells on the handle or sheaves of coins are draws in the house money.
The input in dwelling should be well shined. If about an input too darkly play with colors and strengthen illumination.
That you were not pursued by sensations of apathy and weariness, it is necessary to keep a vestibule clean constantly. The rug about an entrance door should correspond on color to a direction of an entrance door. Some masters advise Feng-shui to put under a rug three copper or gold coins. These coins help to draw happiness.
In general when the visitor comes, he should see rooms of the general using, instead of separate members of a family. In the future it can lead to dissociation of members of a family.

The Third Step. A bathroom and a toilet
One of the basic requirements is considered quite usual habit - cleanliness and an order. But in the rest, at Feng-shui the whims. Conditions should be as much as possible simple. If a bathroom in a southern part of apartment on a door the pocket mirror should hang, and walls have to be bluish or dark blue color. If it does not suit you - hang up images of small fishes and waves on walls. If there is a possibility, place in a toilet a plant.
And it is still very important that the toilet bowl cover has always been closed, as through opened well-being will constantly leave. If the toilet bowl is in one premise from a bathroom, fence off its any partition.
Very important that a rag, a mop and to those similar things were stored in a secluded place inaccessible to eyes, and differently there will be no good luck to tenants of the house.

The Fourth Step. Look narrowly at a room in which you eat
Frequently the drawing room and a dining room are placed in one room. In such cases it is necessary to fence off a zone of food intake from a rest zone. For a dividing line any case or a wooden lattice can serve.
Mirrors which and so are welcomed Feng-shui should be used and in a dining room. They not only will increase space visually, but also will increase quantity of dishes twice that will make a meal twice more pleasantly.
Though in an ideal chairs also should be at walls, in our kitchens it is not always possible. The main thing observe those rules which really to execute and remember - chairs there should be an even number, and the table should not stand opposite to an input.
The meal opposite to a toilet not only spoils appetite, but also worsens conditions in a family. If the dining table adjoins a toilet wall, it negatively effects on health.
If the table is between two doors in rooms it is necessary to hang up a musical suspension bracket over a door, differently well-being will departure from this house constantly.
Never eat from '‚'€Ðµ'Ð½'''‚ой or the broken away ware. It can badly come to an end.
Drink behind a table from the transparent glasses filled with a transparent liquid - they will play a role of your power crystals.

The Fifth Step. We will work at a living room
The living room is not only vacation spot of all family, but also a dialogue place when visitors come to the house. The living room should not be too bright and noisy, but in too it should be warm, cozy, well shined. By means of wall fixtures and plants disperse energy. Whenever possible hang up a mirror on an acting wall is will help to create sensation of depth.
Armchairs and sofas should be put a back to walls, and the TV in a corner - this corner will be riches and prosperity zone.
Does not hold the book on open regiments is in due course will lead to occurrence of illnesses and indispositions. As a last resort, expose books level with shelf edge is will reduce an adverse effect.
On a wall in a living room hang up photos on which there are all members of a family and it is obligatory in good mood. It will bring good luck in your house.
Over the room center place a chandelier is a zone of good luck.

The Sixth Step. Secret of a bedroom
Take a beautiful vase and fill with its semiprecious stones or crystal. Jewels as will approach for this purpose. Hide this vase in a case or a dresser (but it is important that this furniture has not been located opposite to an input in a bedroom) and show nobody that you have hidden and where. These actions can lead you to financial well-being.

The Seventh Step. Is a little about a corridor
If a corridor longs enough - strengthen on walls the mirrors creating effect of wavy movement. Such set can be made, using wall fixtures, ornaments and pots with colors, of course, if the place allows.

And by the way ...
Energy advancement in the house can be improved by means of such adaptations, as: «water noise», a hand bell, «wind music». Loudly ticking hours as create a good sound background.
Orange in Feng-shui a prosperity symbol. Try to grow up an orange tree of the house and to put in an adverse part of apartment is will help to make this place for you less dangerous. As for this purpose it is possible to use a lemon tree.
Curtains should correspond to color of a direction. Before to buy and hang up curtains learn, on what party there are windows, and then learn what color to you it is necessary.
In the house it is desirable to symbolize representation elements. Necessarily symbolize water is a symbol of riches. It can be presented black or dark blue color, a small aquarium or the image of fishes. As water is symbolised by a sea landscape, glass, a mirror.
The tree is a symbol of growth, a food and creativity. It can be presented any plants or colors, green color. As the tree is symbolized by wooden subjects and images of trees.
In house conditions fire symbols raise activity level. They can be presented candles or bulbs.
Earth symbol are all products from ceramics, and color yellow and yellow-brown. Their use will bring to you a practicality.
Enterprise and versatility encourage various metal subjects (especially coins). Colors of metal are white, gold, silver.
Also remember - superfluous representation of one of elements will lead to negative consequences.

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