There are a lot of male doctors who behave in a superior manner with her because as a woman she needs to take more offs than one of them especially because of her three children. It's no new thing she says because she has always felt the same feeling from them from right in the beginning.

The apologetic behaviour in her for this is nonexistent. She does not even have to because now she s with female pediatric group. These days a lot of women are joining such smaller practice groups. Their schedules are in their own hands now.

The rise of women in this field is encouraging to the female physician groups. This group was formed by three female pediatricians. All are mothers with either three or four children, and all work more or less part time. Le Bonheur children's hospital in Memphis is where they have studied. Te same time as this large groups were no more interesting.

For all those doctors who were ready to take care of both aspects of life they formed this group. Sick children can be brought into work where they are kept in a room full of toys and a VCR so that their parents don't have to miss work.

A lot of information about baby food brands, schools can be given by these women about primary care taking. In most cases it is the mom who takes the child to the doctor.

Fathers are not as good as mothers in bonding at a clinic said a female pediatrician. Taste is a very important factor when it comes to medicines but male doctors don't really understand that. Obstetrics and gynecology are fields where female doctors are in demand.

The survey brought to light the result that nearly 50% said that they would like obstetricians and gynecologists who were females and about 40% of the rest said it dint matter. Female doctors were not given this kind of importance though back then. She was joined by a lot of other female OB GYNs when she joined a larger multispecialty HMO.Before that she was the OB GYN at a medical group. At the time, she said she took a lot of flak from other physicians in the good ol' boy network for practicing in ways sensitive to her female patients.

She found the practice of shaving one really unnecessary before delivery. Women are slowly realizing that their health is better handled by a woman who has experience of how it feels first hand. She was pregnant the same time as her patients 15 years ago. Menopause time has come for all now.

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