Understanding of the world

We human beings live life in a way , as we learnt from our parents , mainly , and our neighbours and relatives , with whom we interacted during our child hood. We are born in a house with certain customs. We are not aware , how we happen to land in that house. Practically , we may say that , in the fight among so many chromosomes , we succeeded in being born . Now once we are born in a house, the conditions there groom us to be what we are today. Different customs have different notions about what thoughts we carry from our earlier life . Of course there are debates about earlier life also. If we see in the practical angle, mother when she is carrying the child in the womb , passes on not only food for the body of the child , but also through her emotions and thoughts , convey the happenings around her to the child. But there is no clear way for us to identify what we got at that stage . it may be there in our inner subconscious. It may also come out in our thoughts and actions , when we grow up , but effective proof is not there as to how the mother transferred the same.

The main intention of me sharing all these is to first understand through this discussion ,as to why people behave the way they do. Whether they can be influenced by the outside world easily either positively or negatively , without any bearing on their upbringing. Or whether the upbringing and what they got from the parents and mainly the mother , does have any strong influence , in the way they react to the outside world.
Most of these are done either with scientific experiments or with sampling basis interaction with different sets of people.
The basic question is why such an analysis as above is required at all. Why can`t we just live without giving more thoughts to these aspects , but concentrate on the scientific and practical aspects and lead our life.

There is no particular way of living prescribed for anybody to follow. Of course there are a set of rules fixed by the parents, and by the government in place , which decides our life .Still it is verybroad in nature , and each person lives life uniquely. There could be some common points being followed by many , but there is no single way of life fully followed by two people. Even among twins, the way of life varies. The interaction or reaction of one to the other's action may be there . But finally if we see their actions , we will find good number of differences in the way they lived.

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