Have you ever found yourself utterly worn out in the middle of cleaning your home? Has that sudden exhaustion stemmed from the fact that you're lugging a heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner throughout the house? There's a good chance that may be the culprit! Let's face it, upright vacuums can be seriously heavy - and pulling them around behind you from room to room can be downright tiring. If you're looking for a great alternative that packs the same kind of power without the big, clunky frame - you may want to consider a canister vacuum.

What is a Canister Vacuum?

Canister vacuums have been around for decades, but they've recently made a triumphant return. While many considered them outdated and old fashioned, modern companies have given the standard canister vacuum a total makeover - both inside and out! The general concept has remained the same, however. A portable, easy to carry canister houses all of the moving parts, as well as the dirt. A hose attaches the suction head to the canister and allows the user to move freely and clean rather leisurely. The hose often connects to an extender rod which allows for easy cleaning of valances and curtains.

A Model for Everyone
As we mentioned earlier, canister vacuums have come significantly far in the past few years or so. With major manufacturers like Electrolux, Dyson, and Hoover designing them - they combine serious cleaning power with convenience and versatility. Whether you're in the market for a device that boasts professional cleaning powers or you're simply looking for something easy to use and compact in size - there's a canister vacuum out there for you. All you'll need to decide is which features and functions are most important in your particular situation. Will you be using the vacuum primarily on the floors and stairs, or will you be utilizing it to clean other surfaces like upholstery and curtains?

They're Incredibly Affordable
Many consumers wrongly assume that anything other than the standard model has to cost more. This definitely isn't the case when it comes to canister vacuums. While they're not your typical upright - they still remain affordable to all budgets. Some models do cost more due to advanced features and technology, but if you're looking to keep it simple - there's definitely a canister vac out there that will suit your needs. Be sure to do your research online before heading out to make a purchase and you'll be able to feel confident and informed before even speaking with a sales associate.

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