"The term equality means providing equal rights to everyone regardless of the social factors (religion, family, physical attributes, economic status, education, locality, life partner, children, political system etc.) that differs him from others".

There are some limitations which cannot be generalized as inequality; they may be religious, social, political or natural limitations. A dull person can never be equal to an intelligent person in terms of intelligence, but they may be equal in other spheres. A foreigner can never occupy a senior place in administration of the country. So everyone is limited by some factors which cannot be termed as inequality.

The term equality shows the comparison among different individuals. As we know that everyone is doing his own job, the father works outside and the mother works at home and take care of her children, so they are equal.

We should know that before God we all are equal. God preferred men over women but that is only for specific tasks e.g. God preferred men over women for leadership and bestowed men with leadership qualities like patience, tolerance and decision making power to lead but did not gave him the quality to manage domestic activities and that respect that he has given women in the form of mother.

But equality is not favorable and not necessary in certain situations, a child can never be equal to his parents in any circumstances, subordinates can never be equal to president and the president should be obeyed. Similarly the economic situations of different individuals is not necessary to be same all the time, there may be difference but the difference or gap should not be too vast as it is now in capitalistic economic system.

But equal fundamental and basic rights should be provided by the state equally to all the people, for example equal standard of education, health facilities, housing facility and other basic necessities of life. By providing these rights equally we can control the rate of crimes, inferiority complex and other unfavorable activities. This equality will help in the development of the country.

The idea of equality given in the story "Harrison Bergeron" is vague, faulty and unacceptable by many society. This story supports the negative assumptions of capitalism and liberalism, the author tried to interconnect and interrelate the distinct and distinguished qualities that are distributed by God among the people and to cross the different limits imposed by the society. After reading the story we can imagine, how will be the circumstances if equality took place in every aspect of life. So we conclude that absolute equality among people is impossible due to different limitations in different societies.

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