Daily stresses, routines, grumpy faces, all mark a busy life and this life gets so shuffled in its boredom. But my creativity cells actually start to pump up during weekends. Thursday nights are often so peaceful because they look forward for a full fledged 'NO BOSS' day, often a means of recuperation, full of laziness, relaxation and trials of different styles of napping!

Weekend mornings are coloured with creativity, doing and seeing things in a different way!!To give an example, hubby waking me up with a coffee! Wow, never knew that "dreams" could come true!!:-)But that's it.....his Everlasting smile hints me - "That's all from my side". Someone rightly said 'Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction' :-). Plunging into the recipe books, I start meddling with the spices .While I am busy with the creative destruction at my kitchen; hubby takes a dive into the newspaper. .. halts at the sports news and never goes beyond that!!He gets moving when the aroma of my cooking captures his senses and alarms him with the thought that if he doesn't get going, his weekend expense would be a new kitchen!

Dribbling with words I come up with an unimaginable name for my dish like 'Crystal Chicken', 'Tribal Vegetable Mix'....My creativity is placed on hubby's plate and hats off to his bold act of daring to taste it with a sweet smile, many a times, confusing me whether he actually liked it or was he glad that he was successful in gulping it down his throat!!

When stars light up the night sky and shine together thanking the Master Creator...when sleep knocks at our eye lids,we realize that routine Weekdays are just few more hours away !!

About Author / Additional Info:
Shiny Oommen,residing in Dubai